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Teaching #2

What a beautiful day it is today! I am so happy you all came despite the wonderful weather. You could have spent the day outdoors. So it does show that you are interested in the teaching and this is good. You have my love as usual and the love of all of us who are present with you here. There is a goodly number here, around and about. Maybe some of you will see some movement. I hope so.

Now deliberate upon some of the things I have been saying to you this afternoon. I would like it much indeed if you would ask me some questions from time to time. I know that you are rather nervous perhaps, but once you try it you will find that you can do it quite well. Remember that you are amongst your friends and you are all here in harmony and everyone will give you their support. So do not worry and do attempt it. Please speak loudly or I will not hear you.

Now we have dealt with many questions and I know some of you think that you have heard it all before. For after all, the truth is simple. It has been said many ways. But when it boils down to the roots, it is simplicity and what it entails is effort. It is the effort that is difficult, not the teaching itself from us. We do not tie you up in knots, but it does make you think and it does help you to understand why you are here, why we have to behave, that it is difficult to grow spiritually, for our impulses are not always beautiful, as you are all aware. I am not criticizing you, not in the least, because I too have had many lives and I know too what it is to live here. Though my lives were in the distant past, all of them, they too had their hard times, difficulties, like you have today. But you live in a world of speed and technology and it is much, much different from ours. We could have had silence and peace, but in this world of yours it is difficult to find it, for all around you is noise, unless you go into the wilderness and then there can be disharmony of nature, but mostly it is beautiful.

Now in the past I have spoken of our delving into many areas of the spirit world and the various problems we encounter there and the diversity of being, each one different, each one with his own problems, his own difficulties, joys, pleasures, happiness, depending upon the person and the life he led. But our work entails many, many difficulties because we deal with many areas. Not only do we deal with the religious aspect of teaching, where people are more or less bogged down with their dogmas and creeds, that they have inherited from their parents, and even their grandparents. That in itself can be very difficult for us. But the greatest difficulty comes from those who have no thought of religion, for anyone, who lives purely selfishly in the world. These people think not for anyone, and their every thought is for self. Now and then they may think they are in love and are temporarily enthused about someone, but usually not. It does not last, because they are usually concerned with self. We find them in every part close to the earth and beneath the earth, and beyond that again, going deeper in every degree of selfishness.

Now when we begin to help these beings, we have difficulty in knowing how to begin. We have to study the being before us and their problems and it can take many, many visits before we can reach into them and touch a chord that will help us to bring forth some response, or touch a chord that will bring them to tears of remorse, and so soften the hard shell. Now if only you could see us doing this. We know full well that it will not be easy so we stand off a little way first, without being seen. We can hide ourselves from them. They cannot see us, if we stand behind. We study the being, much as a person who goes to a psychiatrist. We study the aura and the soul, and the aura is very dark and we cannot see much there. We can look into the mind. We see what that person is exactly. If only you could do this on earth, it would save many problems, but it would cause many problems too, for you would all see each other, and there would be much prying and no happiness. We are of a different caliber though, and we do it to help. Only those of us who have gained certain superiority of spirit can do this. We use it only for helpfulness. So we study the person and see why they are this way, see if they have been born into a bad environment, see if they went into it in youth. We can see perfectly. So this gives us the clue, how to begin.

Recently we had a problem just like this. It was a couple of people who had lived together and they were parasites. They had preyed upon their brethren, choosing this type of life rather than work. We saw in the beginning it had been the man who had influenced the lady, although it was not difficult. So all their days they were in this kind of life, dealing in wickedness, feeding upon the unwary and those who had not much knowledge. They had a facade of wealth and they could go into the places of the well-to-do and then pick out their victims. They travelled around widely. When the time came when they succumbed to death through injury and accident, together they entered the spirit realms into the deep greyness, almost black. There they were, not clothed in the finery of the earth, no, but clothed as they truly were spiritually, in rags, so decrepit and foul, their bodies looking just as they were spiritually, malformed by their thinking and their actions.

Now think you, how do you approach two like this, who are angry to find themselves in such conditions? Remember, they had a life of ease and luxury and now they are in a terrible place, cold, foul, terrible in the extreme. They huddle together, no comfort, and they see before them constantly their victims within their minds. All the things they did, constantly going before them. They have no escape. This is a hell, not the flames, but the hell created by themselves. No Father, no friends, no one but themselves put them there, by their own actions. They are not in flames, they are in the darkness and the coldness. They are not engulfed by flames, but by thoughts, the thoughts of all their actions, everyone going constantly before them, with no respite. Now how would you deal with this? How to begin, that is a difficult task. So we lower our vibrations, and it is terrible to have to approach such beings and they see us only as a light. They see a light, and they strive to reach it, but of course they cannot, because they are tied to their own area automatically, and that is theirs until they change. But they do see the light and hear the voice of one of us who chooses to be the spokesman. So the voice will be heard, saying, “We are your brethren from the higher reaches of light and loveliness. We know of your plight and we come in love to help you if you will be helped.” We explain to them the laws of the Father, of which they were ignorant and still are important. Explain exactly how it is they find themselves in such conditions. The reasons and how they can remove themselves from it, only by true remorse and slowly climbing out of it into the light, dim light at first. It is a gradual growth, if they choose it. Often they curse us at first, and say that they want no part of us, and tell us to go away, etc. We are very patient, we let this subside, and we wait. Then we begin again. We show them exactly why, how they can move themselves out of it, over and over, until it takes root within their minds. Having done this we leave them, telling them that we will return in due course. We do not leave them without hope. So we return and we say that we are those who had visited them before, and we know how they feel, and we see what they have been thinking. But they do not know how to deal with their problems. So once again we begin. You have to feel absolutely sorry, you have to feel for your victims and see what they did, knowing it was wrong and feel for them. They say that they cannot do this. We reply, “Yes, you can because you have within yourself the light of the spirit. It is dim now, but God is within you. You have dimmed it. The light is dull, but it is there. If you dig deep within yourself and search, think of the times when you were a little child, and you loved your mother/father/grandmother/brother etc., think of the times when you were small and you gave love and you were happy.” Sometimes this brings forth tears, and from this point they can feel. Sometimes not, and then we have to delve until we find a place, to find a root. In this case we found that it was the man we touched the quickest. He remembered his mother as a little boy, and the times he had, and her love. This stayed with him, once the thought was there it stayed with him. We knew that in time this might soften him. But the lady, no, she had no soft feelings for her youth, at least she was not allowing them to appear yet. We said good-bye and left them again. So you see it is very difficult, and this can go on for months and months, and even years. You see how difficult our work is, and how much patience we need. These two people eventually after much time did see the error of their ways, and wept and wept, and slowly climbed until they reached a much clearer area. There they are able to climb again on and on, till they reached the place in spirit which is very like the earth. There they were taught and were given the opportunity to do for others, for which at first they were not eager, but in time they did. But we do not allow such people to enter the earth again too quickly. They have to learn their lessons well, and take up some service, so we know that when they enter the earth again they will not take up the same life.

We are very able, very kind, and we do not throw people into difficulties when we can ease the way. We have been asked some questions lately about reincarnation. Some people have heard on the radio, I think, someone say that every spirit enters earth every ten years. But this is not so. How could it be? A spirit enters when the time is right for that being, and only then, and when we have found the appropriate parents. Some return very quickly, if there has been an accident, whilst others take hundreds of years before they enter again. It is different for every soul, according to his need. You’ll hear much from many areas, but I do beg of you to use your reasoning powers. This is what we ask of you, to reason. You have brains, use them. All psychics are not there to help you, some are there to take your money. I am not saying that they are all like this, but there are many. Some have some gift, and some have a gift that appears wonderful, but it is the money they are after. But by their actions you will know them, if you judge them well, and take time and do not jump to conclusions. Always use your mind and reason well.

Now of late there has been some difficulty with our work, not my teaching, but with the healing. The leader of the healers, whom the patients know well, has been training some new healers who have not entered this world for a long, long time, and who have been working in the spirit realms as healers to those who die and have been very ill, and who need the soul tended to, before awakening. This work is very easy in comparison to the work of a healer on earth. It does not take out of them a great deal of feeling, and they do not have to delve deeply within themselves and find compassion. Now the leader has recruited these because we have so many patients that we need many more healers. He wants the healers of a certain caliber spiritually. We have some new ones too who are well trained, but these are not trained for the earth. He has been taking them around with him and leaving Dergume who is his lieutenant to work with our maiden in his place. He has been travelling around to all of you who are patients with these healers helping them to understand the earthly problems of the body, how to deal with them, how to plunge into the auras and how not to become discouraged. He finds that they are very discouraged when they are healing. You know, we heal spirit mind and body, the whole being, the spirit being very important, because when a person’s spirit is treated, the soul should change, and then the healing can be more rapid when the person changes spiritually. But they have found that those they have been treating have not been changing rapidly enough to please them, and they have become very discouraged. Guerane found them on occasion talking together and asking, “Why is it so? Why are they so slow?” He said, “Do not be discouraged, this is what you find on earth. Not too quickly will they change, but be patient. Patience will have to be your gift in the future. Seek it, cultivate it, and it will be yours.” As they have been going around and around everyone, they have found this out indeed. Now they are pretty well ready for full time work without him. But just a little time yet, until they feel free with everyone. You see, many call our maiden for aid, and they could not go by themselves without someone showing them where to go, and the leader knows everyone very well indeed. Se he needs to be there and some others too, to take them around every patient. Our maiden has had to say that patients must wait just a short time as they are all out working, but they will arrive in a short period of time. Some of you have been finding that when the healers come, it hasn’t been so speedily because they have been so busy. But they have got there just the same. And that is the reason.

We also have with us others who are well trained and very able. As the work progresses more and more will have to be trained. Those who are trained now, will train the future healers. Guerane will not have to leave too often, he hopes. But he comes back every day because this is his medium, and he comes to find out how everything is going, and how they have been.

In answer to a question, Zareth said,

“No! This is a teaching I know, that it is your own choice. Now this can be answered in many ways. Sometimes if a person has been killed by accident when a young child, or has been taken in disease as a young child, he may sometimes come back into the same family. But it is not your choice, but rather because it is thought best, as in the first place, that you should come back and have the same life. Now it is known in England that there were two little girls who re-entered the same family, and remembered all their toys and everything. Their father had been to a medium and was told that they would return. This medium said that they were his little girls, and that they would come back, and that he would know it. They did come back as little girls because it was the life they had to have. Now if there is a great feeling of love between people and one departs, often that one will strive to go back there. But we do not always allow it, because if death was meant to be, and was not an accident, then they cannot return to that family. Now some people love the earth, and without waiting for us to guide them in their choice, they hunt until they find someone who is just about to conceive, it can be seen, and they attempt to enter. But if this is wrong and the guide of the person who has conceived sees it, that child will be aborted, a miscarriage. If it is not right for the mother, that will not be allowed to happen. That spirit will have to leave. Does that help?”

In answer to another question, Zareth said,

“From my own experience I have not found it so. That is all I can tell you, because I have to go by what I know in my experience. When I look at the spirit of our medium, and look back in time at her great, great grandfather in the spirit world, I see a likeness to her. But she does not look at all like any one of the lives that she had before. Nor do I. Nor do any of us. What you do take back with you are your leanings towards life, your desires of spirit, your likes and dislikes. That is where the similarity is.

As you grow spiritually you become more refined in body, and you are not then ill. I know thousands of people, friends, etc. none of us have ever looked the same in any reincarnation. Look how it is with children. They may look like you, and there is some similarity, but they are never the same. Sometimes twins are identical, by splitting the egg. But I do not see how you can, I am sorry. I know many things are said. But from my experience, this is all that I can give you.

In my book, I am starting way back in time. Indeed my last life was way back in time, so all my lives are very much in the dim past. But in each one I was so different to look upon. So primitive, sometimes a lady, sometimes a man. Each time I was so different. It is the same with this maiden, with her guardian, with all of us! The only similarity is your soul leanings.”

Another question was answered like this,

“No, you express your personality! The face you present to people is your personality, you see. You have a different face to different people, do you not? True. Then that is your personality. But in the spirit world when you enter you still have that personality with you, but it is the spirit body that has it this time. It is the same as you. But you still have that same personality, until you evolve enough to lose that personality. But you retain your individuality, the true individual remains, your true self, the face you give to yourself and the ones you love.”

Another question about U.F.O.’s,

“This is something I have been asked before. Yes, indeed. There are flying saucers, but not as you imagine. My brother Galileo could answer it much more specifically than I could but he has very halting English. Excuse me till I have a few words with him.

Now I was going to say that all the scientific minds on the earth do not fade away when they die, rather do they become more alert and more able. Those of a like mind gather together and they create many things. All the things that you have on earth which are technical are given first to you from us, because we discover them first, and then those who are scientific reach out to such a one on the earth, and give him the idea. Then they watch him work it out. Sometimes he does not get it completely but he gets the idea, and works at it till he reaches the right solution. In aeronautics in the past, all who work in this field are still in the spirit world, and there are many, and they still have this leaning, and they have evolved the flying saucer. In time, let me tell you, you will receive the knowledge, but not yet. When it is right for you, you will. Your scientists often misuse our knowledge, and put it to wrong use, so we have to be very careful with you. Those flying saucers that have been sighted, truly sighted, (many say they have seen them but they have not), but there are some, and they do enter the earth, although not so frequently as you imagine, for they ere experimenting. They do not come to harm you or do anything to hurt you, or to inquire what is going on, for they know this full well. They are experimenting. They do on occasion enter the earth’s atmosphere and come upon it. In due course, when they have experimented enough, and have found a design suitable for the earth, not so extreme as the one that they use which is too far ahead for you yet, but when they have found a design that can be used by you, it will be given in time. You know that your aircraft change rapidly as it is. One of these days someone will discover something else, and it will change. It is given to you from the spirit realms. There have been many tales of these on the earth, but I would discount many of them if I were you. But it is true that there are space craft that visit here from the spirit world.”

And another question,

“But not immediately. They have to do it very gradually. It is their own effort. But when they make the change, and want to change, we give them lots of help. Now we, who begin this change, do not remain always. We give the knowledge to those workers who have more time to work with them than we have, those who do this work constantly without entering the earth. Then they continue to visit them, giving them much encouragement, speaking words of love to help them to strive constantly, because it is very difficult for them. There are other beings in the same area who try to hold them back, there are beings who do not want anyone to change. When they see some desirous of change, they mock and try to discourage them in many ways. So we have to give them constant encouragement to help them forwards.

The teaching they are given when they are in the darkness and climbing, and the teaching that is given to them when they reach the level of the earth, is in their subconscious mind. It is in their spirit mind. When they are chosen again to come back, they will have the same challenge, and they will have in their subconscious mind all that knowledge. But when they enter life, and it is the conscious mind that is in control, they do not always remember. But when different conditions of life come before us, and it would be the same conditions, the same temptations, then the thought will come forth. At the right time, in the right place, and under the right conditions, the subconscious mind will put the thought into the conscious mind. Yes, you have your aid, the conscience. It is always there, but not everyone listens to their inner voice. Everyone has the memories, but they are in the soul, the subconscious memory. But they do not come forward unless it is necessary, through thinking or action. Something will tap them and bring them forth. But you do have the inner voice.”

In answer to another question Zareth said,

“When you sleep and your spirit is there with us, your guide very often will have you with him and give you what you need, but not on every occasion, depending upon what he has to do. Of course, each soul has relatives and friends there whom they wish to talk to, and oft-times they go to lectures as well, and other enjoyments when they are there. Yes, if your guardian desires that you learn something, he/she will come back with you in the morning, and just before waking will put into your mind in symbolic form what he wants you to know, in his way remember, every guardian has his own method of using symbols. It would use a method different from those used by my brothers. In a symbolic manner he will try to show you in a symbolic dream what he wants you to know. Sometimes he does not get it across very clearly; sometimes he manages very well. If he does not at first, he will try again. Those dreams that remain with you very, very vividly, which you can remember even though you saw them years ago, that has been something that has been given you. But if it is something that you forget quickly and you can not recall, I would discount it.”

You have done very well for your first time. Write down your questions. When you ask questions you help your brethren.

Those questions are good, because as you see from the first questioner, she had heard something different. I myself, from my own experience, find it another way. So you again will have to remember that all spirits are not at the same level. All spirits are not in the same areas of the spirit world when they contact you. All are not the same people in their knowledge. Some people recently passed over, when asked what it is like in the spirit world will tell you about their area, and others will tell something quite different. People become confused. Do not, because every spirit finds himself in a different area. You see you are making your own area right here and now, as I have told you many times. So when you hear things from other people, consider this. I will tell you from my own knowledge what I see, what I have found. I will not delude you, I will give you truth. Even if it does not make you happy, I will tell it to you. We have heard many, many things that people have recounted to us, what they have heard, what they have been told. Remember, all spirits are not of a high level. Some are not fooling you, they are telling you exactly what they find. So do not say that you are being lied to. Remember that that spirit is giving to you of his own knowledge. There is a teacher who has passed on into the spirit world for some years, and he was on the earth in the early Victorian days, and he did automatic writing, and was a materialization medium. This means that he had the power and the ectoplasm, which a spirit presence could use to coat himself so that he could be seen, not in the light, but in extreme darkness, or red light. Now this person had to be very careful when he was doing automatic writing, and was told by those who were using him to use the same time, never to deviate from that time, because when he was being given his stories he was being given them by a very high entity, a group of entities who were very nice indeed. But there were other entities who were watching and listening, and when they would remove themselves, these others would try to give something else. Remember not all mischievous spirits are dim-witted, and some are very clever indeed, and they would give him a story. When his real teacher came along, the man would ask why he had said this. “Have I not told you, told you repeatedly, only to use your gift at an appointed time when I will be here? I will only come at the appointed time.”

Now in the gift of automatic writing one has to be very careful indeed because of this. One should only sit when you are told to, and not at other times, because others will use you and delude you. You will find you are writing all day and all night, and you will lose your health. This man had a very beautiful spirit, and he was able to be taught and took notice. Of course then, nothing happened. But it can. So this shows you that with any gift, it is important that you live the right kind of life, that if you are a medium you do not live a life of materialism because your gift will not grow and you will attract the lower forces, the lower elements. In this work one has to be very careful. Think of all the world with all the people in it, think of all the people you know, think of all the people who have died, and think that when they died they were the same the next moment, they were not turned into radiant beings at the moment of death. Many who are in the area close to the earth, or just below it, are very bored because they will not listen to any teaching, and will not attempt to travel onward, and in their boredom they travel around the earth, they are very attracted to the earth, and they are looking for people who are playing little games with toys, as we call them, ouija boards, pendulum, all these things, glass, cards, in these areas there can be attracted to the medium those of a mischievous nature. Not always. If a person is good, and tries, and always has a clean mind, and lives properly, then it will be alright. If not, then it will not be alright, then you will be in trouble!
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