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Marine Meditation

"Healing the Oceans of the World"  

Timing : 8.00 pm local time on Spring and Autumn Equinox

Venue : Beach , Lake , River , Stream or Sacred Site closest to you



This will be a "Wave" meditation beginning in the heart of each participant and circling the Earth Planet for a full 24 hour period.

Each location is but a tuning-in point to a circle of ONENESS, a circle of HEALING, a circle of LOVE.

Your LOVE and your LIGHT can make a difference to the wellbeing of this beautiful Planet. As we Heal the Earth we begin to Heal the divisions within ourselves.

This Meditation began in March of 1991 on Moana Beach in South Australia at the instigation of the Master Germain. Each year since it has grown and spread until it is now celebrated on every continent and in nearly every country, but we have barely touched the surface of what we need to do. The meditation uses the concept of energy based healing, and by contributing the energy of LOVE to the oceans, we seek to enable the oceans to heal some of the terrible damage which humanity daily inflicts upon it. The wellbeing of the oceans is important in its own right. as is the wellbeing of all the creatures within that Dimension, but we also see the oceans as the healing mantle of the Earth itself, so our healing energies of Love are directed through the oceans to Mother Earth. The fluid nature of water makes it an ideal conductor of energy, which is why the Master Germain asked that we operate this global healing activity within the water Dimension. Energy placed in the ocean at one place

What is needed, of course is to maximise the amount of Love energy placed into the oceans at a given time - in this case at the time of the Spring and Autumn Equinox each year. We therefore invite you to join with us as individuals or as groups on the appointed days at the appointed time to share your Loving energies -- unconditionally - with Mother Earth, by directing those energies to the oceans of the world. PLEASE, spread the word, the Love and Light of each individual CAN make a difference to the wellbeing of this beautiful Planet of ours, and as we heal the Earth we begin to heal the divisions within ourselves.

I embrace you with the Rainbow of my Love.

David J Adams

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