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Go west from Padi Padi and turn right up a small road just after Samudra beach hotel and just before the river. Follow this road up untill you start getting into rubber plantations. At about 48 668 272E, 92 36 551N you will see a single track going off to the right and contouring around the mountain. Follow this single track and head down hill.
(Alternatively go up the road a bit more and find another single track on the right(the next one) heading downhill...its about another kilometer or so up. This takes you straight to the coffee shop mentioned below but not as nice riding.

There are a few variations here which are all good. If you head left(facing downhill) a bit you will find a good coffee stop.

Cross the river and head up. You should come to a canal that feeds water into some kind of factory. There is also a little rocky road(we call it the Yellow brick road) which you don't want to ride on. (It heads back to the road you just left) Stay on the left side(if you face east) of this road on single tracks untill you come to a great view at the top in the tea.(Point C on the map) From there find the single track which goes sharply down to the rocky road(The same yellow brick) and follow this road to cross the river.

An alternative here is to do mission 4 drop off which is a good ride straight back to Padi Padi with fast downhills
Keep following the road(you can find nice tracks in the tea sometimes to get off the road). There are also a few drop off routes here to head back to Pelab if you want.

At point B on the map the rocky road enters the jungle. At this point work out if you are tired or not and stay on the road if you are knackered.(It will take you to a point roughly half way on the road between Pelab and the White water rafting spot) However the best way is to head sharp left off the rocky road into the jungle and follow this lovely track(slippery when wet)up to the top of a ridge. Ride along the ridge untill a small village where you can get coffee etc. The only route here we have found that doesn't end in a dead end is to go straight down on a fast road and then follow this road all the way to where the whitewater rafting starts.( If you like downhill you will love this) Either get your driver to pick up your bikes and go rafting or ride back to Pelab, about 3 hours or so.

Is it a man? Is it a bird? No, its Sven. Point C on Map.