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The Temple has left the building.

Boy, I have a lot of memories of this place. It used to be called "The Lonely Beautiful Gargoyle Domain" and it was fuschia, then "Demona's Holy Temple" in cyan, and finally "Taina's Holy Temple" in red and gray. Thus the headline's colors. :P I remember losing the password to this page, then moving to ak/Demona3, and finally back to ok/Demonas after Angelfire disabled my webpage for no reason. I still can't get an explanation out of them. But oh, well... we must move on.

After eight years of memories, I've finally moved to a banner-free server that provides even more web space than Angelfire. You can find the new page here:

It has a LOT of stuff that you can't find here, including nearly five hundred screenshots! And, more importantly, it has NO BANNERS! It just doesn't get any better, don't you think? Oh, ok/Demonas, how I'll miss thee.

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