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Aino Minako / Sailor Venus

Fighting for love and justice, I'm the lovely Sailor Venus, and I'll punish you in the name of the love !
My name is Aino Minako. It means " the girl of beauty and love ". My birthday is October 22, my sign is Libra and my bloodtype is B. I used to be Sailor V, but after a disappointment in love, I joined to the other Sailor Shensi as Sailor Venus.

I currently live with my parents.

I study at Shibakouen Junior High School in Minato-Ku. My favorite subject is phisical education, and my least favorite is everithing else. I used to be on the volleyball team before I went to England, where I were Sailor V.

My favorite foods are gyousa, ramen and curry rice, but I don't like shiitake mushrooms. My favorite colors are red and yellow.

My hobby is just wasting time. I love playing volleyball and videogames.

In T.V. series, I use the following phrases ( If you click Venus Love And beauty shock!, you're going to watch a video ) :

a) To transform:

Venus Power, Make up

Venus Star Power, Make up

Venus Crystal Power, Make up

b) Attacks

Crescent Beam

Crescent Beam Shower

Venus Love me Chain

Venus Love and Beauty Shock

And now, there is a lot of pictures about me in the Aino Minako / Sailor Venus' Images' Index !

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