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Tuscarawas County
800MHz Trunked System


The majority of Tuscarawas County law enforcement and emergency services can be heard on the county-wide 800MHz Motorola Type II trunked system.

What is a "trunked" system?  Basically, it is a system that allows several different agencies in an area to share a relatively small number of frequencies for their communications needs.  Agencies that, together, had to tie up 20 or 30 different frequencies using conventional systems, might need only five or six on a trunked system.  Because the communications on a trunked system are computer controlled, all the agencies on the system use all of the frequencies on the system (for example on 856.2375MHz you might hear the Sheriff's Department one minute and Senior Transportation the next) .  This can be a bit confusing at first, and downright annoying if you are using a conventional (non-trunking) scanner.

So, what does this mean to those of us who want to listen in?  Well, there are a few implications.  Ideally, you need to have a trunking scanner.  This is a special type of scanning radio that can follow the computer-controlled conversation and keep it all straight.  You can still listen to this system using a conventional scanner, but it is impossible to lock out any particular agency - it's "all or nothing," and the only way to know who your listening to is if you happen to recognize a voice or the content of the conversation.

The Tuscarawas County system carries more communication than you'll probably be interested in hearing.  Sure, there is the County Sheriff's Department, Dover and New Philadelphia Police departments, county-wide fire and EMS...  but there's also Senior Transportation and Culligan.  I love to know what the various law enforcement agencies and emergency services are up to, but I personally really don't care if "Mrs. Smith" makes it to her doctor's appointment on time or if there's enough salt in the Jones' water softener.  Oh, you'll also have all the excitement of a few plumbers, heating and cooling companies, and a landscaper.  Thrilling, eh?

In order to program your scanner to listen to this system, please select the type of scanner you have below:

(If you don't know, odds are pretty good it's a conventional scanner)

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