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In Memory of Cliff Jinks (Oct 21, 1914 - 1993)

My Great Uncle Cliff married my Grandpa Paxton's sister Helen in 1938, and Cliff and Helen raised a family in Jacksontown, Ohio. Cliff worked on the B&O railroad as a brakeman, and he helped get my grandfather hired on the railroad as a brakeman in 1950. Both Cliff and my grandfather later became Conductors on the railroad. Cliff loved music, and he played guitar for as long as my grandfather can remember. Cliff's interest in music eventually lead him to create a place where musicians could perform.

Cliff owned a farm at 7581 Kindle Rd, just a mile off State Rt 13. This is located about 2 miles south of Jacksontown, Ohio. He owned Legend Valley Park (the farm where the Buckeye Lake Concerts were held), as it was built on his farm. He was born Oct 21, 1914 near Hemlock, Ohio. He had two brothers, Lewis, an engineer on the B&0 railroad and Charles who moved to California. I know of one sister, Ida who lived in Newark, and there may be others. His Father was a coal miner, and worked in a deep mine near Shawnee, Ohio. His Father and Mother are buried in Shawnee. Cliff and son Clifton are also buried in the Shawnee Cemetery.

Cliff owned the farm where the Buckeye Lake Concerts were held. When it first started, Cliff called it the Legend Valley Park. He met many professional singers like Willie Nelson. Later, he allowed rock concerts and was granted a portion of the gate receipts. He would have rather kept it for country musicians, but most of the public wanted rock. The music park was successful, and many people in Ohio during the 1970s can remember seeing many different performances there.

Cliff lived a good, long life, and everyone who knew him loved him, and misses him.

Helen and Cliff

Don Paxton (left) and Cliff Jinks (right) singing the "Wabash Cannonball" in 1986.

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