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Video Game Music

Final Fantasy VII
FF7 Medley
Aeris Theme
You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet
Bike Chase
Bugenhaugen Theme
Cid's Theme
Cloud's Theme
FF7 Town
Jenova 1
Jenova 2
Those Chosen By the Planet
Tifa's Theme
Forested Temple
Turk's Theme
The Beginning of a Nightmare
Sending A Dream Into the Universe

Final Fantasy VIII
A Sacrifice
Balamb Garden
Blue Fields
Don't Be Afraid
Eyes On Me
Find Your Way
Fragments of Memories
Julia's Piano
Julia's Theme
Love Grows
Man With the Machine Gun
Maybe I'm a Lion
Never Look Back
ODEKA ke Chocobo
Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
Ride On
Roses and Wine
Shuffle or Boogie
Timber Owls
Under Her Control
Waltz For the Moon
Where I Belong

Final Fantasy IX
Airship Theme
Aloha de Chocobo
Aloha le Chocobo
Battle Theme (Piano)
Bittersweet Romance
Black Mage Villiage
Border Villiage Dali
Boss Battle Theme
Boundry South Gate 1
Boundry South Gate 2
Chocobo's Theme
Cleyra Settlement
Consecutive Battles
Crossing the Knoll 1
Crossing the Knoll 2
Crossing the Knoll 3
Dissipating Sorrow
Forgotten Memory in the Storm
Garnet's Theme
Gulug Volcano
Kuja's Theme
Last Battle
Loss of Me
Melodies of Life
Moogle's Theme
Opening Theme
Quina's Theme
Ruins of Madain Sari
Secret Library Daguerreo
Song of Memory
Souless Villiage Branbal
Tantalus Theme
Terra Theme
The City that Never Sleeps
The Dark Messenger
The Thing I Must Protect
This Place I'll Return Someday
Title Theme
Ukele le Chocobo
Vamo alla Flamenco
Wall of the Sacred Beast
World Theme
You're Not Alone 1
You're Not Alone 2
You're Not Alone 3

Final Fantasy X
At Zanarkand
Seymour Battle
Seymour's Theme
Silence Before the Storm
Someday the Dream Will End
Summoned Beast Battle
Suteki Da Ne
Thunder Plateau
To Zanarkand
To Zanarkand 2
Wandering Flames
Welcoming of Maika Elder Sage
Piano Intro

OTHER Final Fantasies
Terra's Theme
Aria di Mezzo Carattere
Izlude Theme
Final Fantasy Tactics Zip

Chocobo Racing
Floating Gardens
Mythril Mines

The Legend of Zelda
Jazz Zelda Theme
Water Zelda Theme
Zelda 1
Zelda 2
Zelda Enhanced
Classic Zelda
Zelda 64
Hyrule Fantasy
Z2 Great Palace 1
Z2 Great Palce 2
Z2 Palace
Z2 Palace Arranged
Z2 Title 1
Z2 Title 2

Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross
Far Off Promis
Magus Theme
Frog's Theme
Memories of Green
CC Reminiscence
CC Radical Dreamers
Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World
Magical Dreamers
Overworld/Home Overworld/Another
Intro - Scars Left By Time
Dragon God

Blood Relations

Pokemon Gameboy
Good Night Pikachu
Opening Theme Remix
Opening Theme Rock
Pokemon Opening
Team Rocket
Team Rocket Rock
Team Rocket Theme

Other Games
The Boat Song (LUNAR SSSC)
SC Gathering
The Stars Above Lead us to Hell (Death Come 4)
Anubis (War Gods)
Intro 1
Soul Reaver
Breath of Destiny
Legend of Legaia Ending
Moon Over The Castle