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Richland B&O Trail

Official Website: Richland B&O Trail

This trail runs approximately 18.4 miles from Butler to Mansfield. There are several river crossings as you make your way northwest from Butler and Bellville passing through farmlands and pastures. The trail passes under Interstate 71 and moves on to Lexington. Construction was completed in '97 on the bypass that detours the trail under Rt. 42, avoiding an often-busy 4-lane road crossing for cyclists. Further north the trail passes a gravel pit and small marsh as it heads toward Millsboro road entering Mansfield. Here the trail begins a slight descent as it passes under a few city street bridges before ending at North Lake Park. A local citizens group, the Friends of Richland Trails, is working to extend the B&O Trail from its current northern endpoint at North Lake Park in west Mansfield. The proposal, named the Mansfield Historic Bike Trail would be a 10 mile extension that would extend the trail through Mansfield and eventually to the Ashland County line. This extension would set the framework for a future B&O connection to the city of Ashland. Click here for website about the proposed extension. It would then connect to the planned Ashland County Trolley Path.

You'll find mile markers, an occasional bench and a couple of shops (where one can buy a soda or bottled water) along the way.

This trail provides a challenging ride even for intermediate cyclists. Although the trail is relatively flat (as are most rail trails), portions of this trail lack tree & brush cover and are exposed to the wind. There are approximately 18 road crossings on this trail, some of which are county highways. Cyclists should use extreme caution.

Parking: Parking is available at both ends of the trail in Butler & Mansfield. There are several spots along the trail to park, including Bellville & Lexington. The parking lot closest to Route 71 is within a mile south on Rt. 97 (toward Bellville). The lot is just on the right before 97 intersects the trail.

Trail Map

Click here to view the Mansfield News Journal created trail map.

Some Trail Photographs

NOTE: These Photos are in order from Lexington to Butler.

The OH 97 trail underpass in Lexington. Branch to left goes up to town level.

It then passes Y-Not Cycling shop.

The trail goes into countryside on the way to Bellville.

The trail's I-71 underpass, the halfway point.

Trail users relax at the Ice Cream Shoppe in Bellville.

OH 30 trail crossing near trailhead in Butler.

This is very close to trails end in Butler. There are plans for an extension to the Richland County line, to connect to a proposed Knox County Trail thru Fredricktown to the Kokosing Gap Trail.

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