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M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.®
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Private Community Law Enforcement Agency

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.® is a Proprietary firm and handles all types of Proprietary Investigations & Security(type/related work), Specializing in Enforcement of Laws/Rules & Regulations, Executive/Dignitary & Victim Protection. Onsite Enforcement Agents & Mobile Patrols.

Our 'Primary Purpose' is to enforce our client's rules & regulations.

We are certified as Private Law Enforcement and fully certified as a Private Police Department. Unlike the typical licensed Private Investigator & Security Guard Providers, We are Fully staffed with Off Duty and retired law enforcement officers who have excellence reputations with their public co-worker counterparts. This results in better and faster response time for on duty law enforcement needing to respond to a scene-again over the traditional licensed Private Investigations & Security Guard Provider.

Being in the Private Sector and privately funded through our clients, We have far more administrative oversight of our agents and officers, as compared to our public law enforcement counterparts. And in some cases our agents and officers are compensated more than they are at the public law enforcement career. So, We have very little turnover rate, based on the public industry standard for licensed Private Investigator Security Guard Providers.

We are the Best Alternative to the traditional guard Service. This proprietary service is better for the client, due to the fact that the client assume no liability, no extra costs vs. the traditional security guard company.

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.®, prides ourselves on giving you the very best quality service for a price that pays for itself and in most cases our clients profit above and beyond the typical security guard company.

Just ask about our discounts for multiple services and
compare to other Detective Agencies & Security Guard Services.

We also offer 24 Hour Complete Enforcement Service.


Uniformed & Plain Clothes Enforcement Agents, On site Enforcement & Patrol Units.

We employ Highly Trained & Certified Professional.

Our Private organization has fully empowered Enforcement Agents.

We serve the interest of major corporations, small businesses & individuals throughout Northwest Ohio. Targeting and identifying the threat of dangerous individuals who committed criminal acts is our specialty. We provide consulting services to major corporations for the planning and implementing of safeguards to protect the employees and property. Our investigators are trained to identify with the most sophisticated method of operations that are commonly utilized by professional criminals. We’re the experts at tracking down the trail that criminals leave behind. Our investigations team is composed of law enforcement agents with several years experience with identifying and tracking the criminal element. We have established an excellent reputation in the private investigation and executive protection industry. We have been directly responsible for saving corporations millions of dollars due to theft, embezzlement and property damage. Providing an on-site consultation is a courtesy that we extended to every client. Our company provides that extra comfort and assurance that you’ll have a peaceful night!

Please E-mail or Call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Phone: (419) 237-2942


Safety and security for your employees, property and information are priorities that directly impact your daily operations. It is essential to choose a partner to support or augment your security function, one that is equipped to anticipate and prepare for all potential situations.


Are you looking for a confidential investigative and security service that is committed to providing businesses and individuals with high-quality specialized security and investigative services?

We are the premier investigative and enforcement service concentrating on providing our clients with a wide range of specialized enforcement and investigative services, whether you need assistance from our Investigative Division, Executive Protection or Enforcement Agents for your business, estate or personal needs. 

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.® is here to help you with all your corporate or individual investigative and security needs.

"The Very Best In Investigative & Enforcement Services" Phone: (419) 237-2942 Quality & Professionalism is what makes us worth it! Phone: (419) 237-2942

For questions or comments about this Web site, E-MAIL us. 

Serving Northwest Ohio (With State-Wide Capabilities), Aliquippa/Beaver County Pittsburgh Metropolitan areas in Pennsylvania.  

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.® 
Northwest Ohio & Western Pennsylvania

Phone: (419) 237-2942 






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Copyrightã 1995-2023 M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.®




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