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Happy Endings

Toy Breed and Puppy Rescue



Happy Endings is a stopping point for Toy Breed dogs and puppies on their way out of high kill shelters and into forever homes.
Millions of dogs die each year in county shelters and on the streets. Happy Endings works with all Ohio County Shelters, Humane Societies, and other rescues to try and save as many lives as we can. Unfortunately we can't save them all, but with your help and support we can make a difference.
The fact that you are on this site is a step in the right direction. It means you are considering adopting a rescued dog for your new pet. Before you get excited please read a little about rescued dogs to make sure this is what you want. Adopting a rescue can be a wonderfully rewarding experience or it can be a nightmare. Make sure you are prepared to own a dog. Research breeds, visit dog parks or other locations where you can see dogs interact with people. Have an idea of the size of dog you want, the age, sex, and personality traits. This will make it easier to match you with your perfect furry friend.

Rescued dogs are probably not housebroken. If you require a dog that is completely housebroken you may not be ready to adopt.
Rescued dogs may have socialization issues. Foster homes work on these issues, but some dogs may have problems for the rest of their lives. Are you ready to deal with that?
Rescued dogs may have come from abusive homes. They may get nippy or completely submissive and shy. Each dog handles issues in their own way. Is this something you think you can handle?
Rescued dogs may have health problems. Each one is vet checked but they can still develop illnesses from things they may have been exposed to prior to them coming into rescue. They may also have congenital problems that don't surface until they are older. Do you have the patience and the finances to deal with any problems that may arise?
Are you looking to adopt a puppy? Puppies are already fragile and shelter puppies are even more so. Please make sure you and your family (especially children) are prepared for the fact that some puppies do get sick even though they are taken care of properly. We do not know what these puppies may have been exposed to and though we take excellent care of them and make sure they have been examined by a vet, things can still be incubating and only develop after they have come home with you.

Now that all of the bad things have been pointed out, there is one more thing you should know about adopting a rescued dog..........
Rescues are BY FAR more loyal and loving than any other pet you will ever have. They do not want to go back into the conditions they came from so they will do whatever they can to please you. You will have many years of unconditional love when you adopt a rescue.

Please check out our available dogs and puppies on Petfinder. You can go directly to our pet list by clicking the link below. If you are looking for a specific breed and we don't have what you have in mind, please feel free to send us an email. We network with over 250 Ohio Rescues. There is a possibility that someone else may have exactly what you want.



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