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Mothers Assisting Mothers is a not-for-
profit Christian outreach organization
for women who are raising children. MAM
provides a network of resources and
opportunities to educate, support, fellow-
ship and encourage positive parenting through
the word of God.

MAM offers several opportunities for mothers
at various stages of child rearing to come
together and share their experiences of Motherhood.

MAM offers the following activities:

* Physical & Mental Health Wellness
* Back to School Donations
* Ladies Day/Night Out
* Spa Retreats
* The MAM-O-Gram
* Children Clothing Swaps
* Kids Kicking It activities
* Fundraisers
* The MAM Newsletter
* The MAM Exchange
* Heart-to-Heart Mentoring program
* Pure Preference-skin & body care
* Parenting Information
* Counseling/Consulting
* Empowering Strategies for stress depression and self esteem

MAM offers services through out the Cleveland, 
Akron and surrounding areas.                   

MAM has been in existence since 2002 and was   
founded by Ms. Bridgette M. Hopson.            

Ms. Hopson is a professional counselor and     
child/family development specialist with a     
Masters Degree in Community Counseling from    
Kent State University.                         

Ms Hopson's vision is to provide culturally    
specific faith-based opportunities to empower  
women and their families.                      

A Mother's Prayer

Dear Mother God:                             

          Thank you for trusting me with the 
task and duties of being a mother.  Thank you
for the blessing that my child(ren) are in my
life.  Thank you for establishing a bond of  
love between me and my child(ren) that cannot
be broken, that is life sustaining, that is  
whole and holy.                              

          Thank you, God, for blessing my    
child(ren). I pray that you will always bless
their minds to be clear of all shadows of    
doubt. Bless their kearts to be kind. Bless  
their dreams that they may be fulfilled by   
your grace.                                  

I pray and give thanks that you LOVE them    
more than I do.                              

Thank you God that a mother's prayer for     
her children will never go unheard or unan-  


Mothers Assisting
Mothers, Inc.
P.O.Box 9053
Akron, Ohio 44305

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