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Cobray Pocket Pal .22/.380

I thought you might be interested in some information about this unusual gun.

I bought this gun a few weeks ago in an effort to begin a collection of rare and unusual small handguns. It is a Cobray Pocket Pal .22/.380 double action only revolver. The overall appearance is very crude. There is some very visible pitting and a large gash in the metal on the right side of the barrel (right above the word "Ducktown"). The gun was pretty dirty when I got it, so I had to really scrub it to get it clean. The .22 barrel was caked with crud, but the .380 barrel was pretty clean.

This little gun came with 2 removable cylinders (a 5 shot .22 cylinder and a 3 shot .380 cylinder). The .380 barrel is on top, and the .22 barrel on the bottom. Both firing pins fall with every pull of the trigger. The firing mechanism appears to be very simple. Both firing pins protrude from a solid piece of metal that falls when the solid, one piece trigger mechanism reaches rearward enough for the metal part with the firing pins to slip off. The rod inside the main spring actually begins to protrude from the frame when the trigger is pulled. (Sorry if that description was confusing?? The pictures below should clarify things a little).

There is a latch on top that allows the gun to open and the cylinders to be removed. The cylinders have grooves cut into the outside that line up the chambers with the barrels. The gun operates strangely: You have to have the cylinder lined up properly for the first shot. Once all 5 (or 3) shots have been fired, the trigger will no longer move. You have to open the gun, pull the trigger (the cylinder will then rise out of the gun as you pull the trigger). Next you have to remove the cylinder, remove the fired cases and drop the cylinder back in (lined up properly for the first shot). Not a good gun to have when you need to reload in a defensive situation.

I'm pleased with the gun overall due to its uniqueness and unusual design. I'll probably never shoot it.

Just wanted to share this unusual gun with all of you. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Sorry, some are a little blurry.

The picture above, shows the gun opened up with the .22 cylinder inserted.

This picture shows the .380 cylinder inserted.

Here's the gun with the grips removed. You can see the simple internal workings. The rod inside the mainspring begins to protrude downward out the bottom/rear of the frame as the trigger is pulled.

Here is a close-up of the two cylinders. You can see the grooves cut into the outside of the cylinders. The cylinders appear to be of MUCH better quality than the rest of the gun.

Here is a picture of the two bores: .380 on top and .22 on bottom.