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Ohio has 88 counties and each of the 88 counties has their own road maintenance department.  Most of the time, the county road maintenance department puts up the sign assemblies where they have jurisdiction.  Each county has their own unique road sign.  Some of them use a pentagonal shape for their county markers.  Some don't mark them at all!  This site's goal is to profile each county's road sign.  Please feel free to submit your county's road sign, or if passing through and snapped a picture, feel free to submit that too!  When submitting, please provide me the following information so I know how to describe the picture:

*  County Name

*  Township Name, if possible.  Cities and villages usually, but not always, assemble their own street name signs.  If you managed to get a city or village's signs, feel free to submit them too!

*  The intersection where the sign assembly sits.  Some of the signage can get rather worn out, so, in case the signage isn't clear, please provide the intersection.

*  Date picture was taken.

*  Other information you wish to provide to better describe the signage.


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