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The Places I Have Been To

 "Places I Like To See"





I have been to Georgia. I have pictures of the mountains. I have been to the grand canyon. I don't have pictures of that. I have been to Disney world. I have been the Amish country. which is pretty cool. I have been to California. But I don't remember. Because I was really young. My grandpa lives there. He's a scientist.

 I have been to Cedar Point a lot. We use to do it every year. it was like a family tradition. I have been all around Ohio. but who hasn't. (LOL):O) I have been to Michigan. I haven't been to Tennessee. but I'm going there in a month. I don't remember anymore about places. I'll get back to you on that. The places I would like to go. I would like to go to Hawaii. Which everyone would like to go there. (LOL) :O). 

Which I want to go and see what's it like. And take picture of everything. Because I'm nosey like that. I would like to go back to California. We might go there soon. And visit my grandpa. I would like to go to Mexico. I want to learn Spanish. And try there hot spices. I love that kind of stuff. Oh and definitely there tequila. I would like to go to Kentucky. and see if I can find some of my family.

 I would also like to go to Texas. Because I have some there to. I want to explorer about Indians. Since I am part Indian. I want to go to china. I mean I like Chinese food. and I haven't tried everything. unless you are there. I would like to get on a boat. and just sail in the ocean. I think that would be interesting. 

I mean I have been on the ocean before. I mean like in the middle of it. I want to go to the white house. I would like the meet the president. I want to go to Los Vegas. or some where I can play the slots. I want to go to new York. I would like to go to Africa. and see the wild animals.


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