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My Little Ponies
My Little Ponies

Welcome to bluerose9978's ponies for sale
Click on any photo to see a larger version, then scroll down and a description and price can be found under the larger photo. Here is my grading scale:
MINT: I can find nothing wrong with her.
NEAR MINT: She has one or two tiny things wrong with her.
EXCELLENT: She has a few things wrong with her, but nothing major.
VERY GOOD: She has maybe one major thing wrong or many small things wrong with her.
GOOD: One or two major things wrong with her.
FAIR: Quite a few things wrong, could be baited.
BAIT: Several major things wrong with her and can only be salvaged as a custom or for play.

For payment options, I accept paypal. Please also check out my want list. I also have put up a list of current eBay pony prices compiled over a couple of years.

Contact me either by e-mail at College_cheerleader @ or send a pm to bluerose9978 at the MLPTP or MLP Arena. I also sell on eBay. My username is: jordan369.

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Fakies - $1 each or 6 for $5 (I have a lot more than are pictured) 
I have a lot of fakies. Inquire about what I have in stock.

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