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Reenacting Files

This Page has all the 88th Reenacting Files

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No Bells or Whistles here. You want information (why else did you click on our reenacting files page) and we want you to get it quick.

Some information here is in MS word, other information is "zipped" up. If you don't have an

unzipping program you will need it to get the files. Click on downloads (at the top) and get the trial versin... you could pay for it if you really want.

Lastly, some info is straight up HTML.

E-mail if you have trouble getting the files or need help.

Information and Recipes of the Red Cross Red Cross information and recipes! Wanna know how to make a Red Cross Doughnut? Check it out!

Formations of Squad Diagrams showing the 3 common formations.

Army Songs A selection of WW2 Songs (including the 88th's song)

Books go to war An article about those little "hip-sized" pocket books; Editions for the Armed Services Inc.

Manual of Arms WW2 Manual of arms, just text no pictures as of yet.

The 3 Major Rations An article about the 3 major (C,D,k) Ration types in World War Two.

How to Make C-Rations An article on how to make your very own C-Rations. Granted these aren't 100% period-correct. But they do look and resemble them. At the very least, try it.

How to make a D-Ration Granted it won't be 100% period-correct,it will look and resemble it... but just try it!

How to make K-Ration bits How to make K-ration bits.

Gum Wrappers in WW2 An article on how to make them

Restoration on an SCR300/BC1000 Tips and info on how to restore one

The Green Lucky Strike Myth All about those famous WW2 Lucky Strikes

How to speak Italian Since the 88th was in Italy, its time to learn some Italian phrases!

Scouts in World War Two No, not the Boy Scouts! But your #2 and #3 men in a squad and their functions.

Sending Message An article on how to correctly send messages, both written and verbal

Making a Message Book How make a message book. Also includes info on all other World War Two Message books (M105-A, M210-A, M210-B etc)

Undergarments Go to War Undergarments in World War Two. Under Construction

Supply List A listing where items from WW2 can be found and costs.

Quartermaster List listing of what items we have as a group that are available to loan. Includes a lisitng of manuals/books available to our group

Slang Terms A listing of some 1940s and World War Two slang and expressions.

Craps and Cards Lists 1940s card games and includes information and a manual on the Armed Forces #1 sport, Craps!

Pop Culture of the 1940s A random listing of some 1940s Pop Culture. From Cards to Sports, to Music to Film!

Famous celebrities Famous females

M1 Carbine usage and accouterments M1 Carbine info

World War Two Quartermaster Under Construction, all about the QM and its function in an Infantry Division