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Columbus, Ohio

So this is the magical [yet true] story of Judy & Danielle, a very close mother & daughter team.

In 1999 the ladies purchased their first miniature horse...BLACKIE, a 5 year old stallion.

After many years of trick training full size horses they were excited to add their new little miniature stallion “Blackie” into their trick training program. It didn’t take long for this lovely duo to fall in love with these adorable little horses (as everyone does) and they soon had to have another......Just as is in any fairy tale, the rest is history!

But the story doesn't stop there!

After making an appearance with their trick trained miniatures at the 2000 Equine Affaire, Judy and Danielle met the most beautiful and magical breed of horse they had ever seen……..A Gypsy Vanner!

The moment the Yocoms learned of this magical and rare breed – they knew they had to have one and began the journey to find their very own Gypsy Vanner.

As in any fairy tale, the search was not easy. It took almost a year to find the right one as they wanted the best. Have you ever had that "feeling" when you just know the time, the place and the situation is perfect? The fair ladies were certain they would have that "feeling"......At long last there she was!...“The Gypsy Queen”, a gorgeous coming 2 year old filly with top of the line breeding....The search was over!....The feeling...was there..."That's the one!"

"The Gypsy Queen" means - the Queen of all Gypsy Vanner Horses. It took some negotiating to get her, but she is finally here...."The Queen has arrived" ...they say.

So in April 2001 “The Gypsy Queen set foot onto American soil and began her journey to becoming one of America's most famous representatives of the Gypsy Vanner Breed.

Since her arrival to America, she has been presented at many shows, events, affaires and expos throughout the united states. "The Gypsy Queen" is well known by her fans as "the horse with the long flowing mane". She is magical....she is special....she is a legend....and she is here.

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