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As a kid I built a scale amusement park for my train layout, but it wasn't anything like the ride kits you can get today. Over the years I attempted to create a few coasters and rides in different scales. Here you will see some of my creations, along with a few of the ideas I have recovered from the trash!

In January of 2012 I was featured on Check out their great site HERE

1:48 and 1:87 (O and H.O.) Scale operating roller coaster model kits. I am available for custom builds including scenery with lights. Contact me for details.

The guys at CoasterDynamix continue to add to their line of fully functioning HO and O gauge roller coaster models. The track in some of the kits is flexible and pieces snap or screw together for endless re-creations of your favorite coasters out there! I'm thrilled to have been among the first to test out this amazing system (see the RAPTOR link at left). This is a MUST HAVE for every true coaster fan and is far superior in look and preformance to the difficult and inconsistent FALLER Big Dipper kit and the KNEX kits. Several of today's popular coaster types are available by kits directly from their site, or by converting some of the collectible STATIX coaster trains available at gift shops in many parks (many just need wheels replaced with the metal ones). Colorful, accurately molded parts and smooth operation are just the beginning. No glue is required for assembly, meaning quick, easy construction and infinite layout designs. YouTube is full of custom layouts.

Get yours today and be a part of the most amazing model coaster system to date!

  Step into the WABAC Machine...

Posted this to show where it all started. Here is my first model coaster named Panther (after my high school in Nappanee Indiana). It was scratch built in H.O. scale from toothpicks for the railroad layout you see behind it. It was 'painted' with markers and spot lights illuminate the structure at night.

Found these sketches I did @ early 2000's of various ideas using different materials to make a reliable custom coaster system. These were done after KNEX debuted their Screamin Serpent, but before CoasterDynamix unveiled their incredible modeling kits.

I made these hats for the 2004 edition of Phoenix Phall Phunfest, a wildly popular Halloween event at Knoebels in Elysburg PA. Constructed of poster board, brass rod, colored tape and decals, they were my tribute to the park's fantastic set of classic Flying Scooters. They also served as our costumes for the parade, and won us some cool Phoenix hats as prizes! I ended up with a couple extras, so I gave one to Mr. Knoebel as a thank you. To those who flew with us that night, thanks for the good times!

This creation was a graduation present for Holiday World's Pat Koch, who received her Masters in Pastoral Ministry from Loyola University. A congratulations to her and a big thanks as well for what she brought to that great little park in southern Indiana! The model is a basswood structure with cardboard and wood cars that simulate a PTC coaster train. The knob in the hat's center was used as a footer for the curve's tension cables. The park's world famous Raven looms behind.



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