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1. These may not be golden arches, but they've stood the test of time!

2.The entrance as it looked in 2001.

3. Old pavement from the office/administration area.

4.The white arrows indicate shuffleboard lines still there! The brown building sits where the ballroom used to.

5. A view looking out towards the fountain and pier. You can still see the concrete base.

6. The arrow points to the pier's end 50 years ago.

7. An "erie" feeling comes over you when you look down the once active stairways leading to the beach.

8.Infamous view of the park's legendary coasters, Flying Turns, Thriller and Racing Coaster

9. Looking down along the main path that followed the beach. The Rocket Ships would be right over our heads. :)

10. Two great postcards showing the Sleepy Hollow Railroad that ran in and around the Racing Coaster and Kiddyland.

Euclid Beach is located just east of Cleveland along Lake Erie, and closed in 1969. It was the area's premier destination park until crowds started to disappear in the 60's. 1962 was the last year the park made a profit, and rising maintenance costs forced removal of rides just to keep the gates from closing. Even the pier was scaled back over time. The park was famous for the very first Rocketship ride, and the tallest of the Flying Turns bobsled coasters. Knoebels in Elysburg PA opened their own version in 2013, following plans from the original designer.

Most of these photos are from June 2001. You can still visit the property, and every September there is an event where the sights and sounds (and tastes) of Euclid Beach return for a day. Visit Euclid Beach Now for the schedule.

Much of the park has been turned into a state park. The arch entrance is still standing and serves as the entrance for the apartments. If you go to the next road east of the arch, you'll be able to enter the park through the other original entrance. The main parking area is the former site of the western half of the rides, and the jungle gym play area occupies the former site of the Scooters, Bug, and Rocket Ships. You can still walk down to what is left of the pier and see old railings and concrete steps along the shore. The fountain is nothing more than a foundation. Now, filled with sand and debris, you can walk inside it. Compare it with the DVD of Euclid Beach, and I guarantee you'll feel a ghostly presence when you walk down by the pier. Even better was one of the homes occupied by the Humphrey family (owners of Euclid Beach) which used to stand just east of the pavilions by the lakefront. Its deteriorating light pink and white paint stood out against the sycamores.

The Euclid Beach Carousel is back! After years of work to secure and restore this gem, the ride has been reassembled inside a stunning glass enclosure at the Western Reserve Historical Society.

DVDs are available from Amusement Park Memories

Be sure to visit Euclid Beach Now for events.

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