HELP- I am in need of an official park map as evident by the terrible sketch above! Red arrows indicate location and direction of photo.

Taken 2001

1. The old B&O railroad station north of the park that once served the community. The trains also unloaded passengers at the park's entrance.

2. What's left of the main entrance sign at the road.

3. This is all you can see from the edge of the property. This is the ticket booth and first turnaround of the Coaster.

4. The Ballroom, which was destroyed by fire on 6/14/02.

5. A neat building.

6. Tom Sawyer, the park's paddlewheel boat, whose hull will never touch water again.

7. Yes there is a ferris wheel in there!

8. Look carefully for the French Waffles sign!

9. A view of the Swingin' Gyms (Flying Cages). As of Jan 2002 the cars have disappeared....

10. The lift hill of the kiddie coaster.

11. An old restroom.

12. An old Grand Trunk Western RR caboose on display. It was brought in for kids to explore.

13. That's the Wild Mouse coaster - well, what's left of it.

14. Don't send me around now! The Coaster has fallen victim to many downed trees.

15. Wood on wood. This tree appears to grab ahold of the Coaster, nature reclaiming it's origin.

16. Not a great shot, but here you can see the station and manual brake levers on the left.

17. An impressive but sad view of Coaster, and its station and ticket booth. A house is on the right.

18. An interesting composition of rusted lift chain, oil can, and the lift hill of Coaster.

19. The Bug ride, with cars still on it's track! Note the "eyes".

Taken 2002 (not on map)

20. A big thanks to Russ Turos who donated this great photo. This was Fairview Park day, May 26, 1963

21. Russ also provided this view of the Dogems, also taken on that same day.

22. The Ballroom as seen from the gate in early 02. It would succumb to fire that summer. No idea on the car.

23. The lake, Ohio's largest natural body of water. Many boat and air shows took place here, and the lake is home to some grim reminders of accidents. The footers are from the Pavillion.

24. "Hail to thee Kamp Krusty..." Look closely and you'll see a tribute to America's longest running animated series!

25. Tracks of the coaster & miniature railroad.

26. Another look at the Wild Mouse.

27. The "Dog House" which offered a variety of hot dogs. The wood caboose in the background is a very rare find.

28. A lone turnstile has counted its last guest.

29. The Bug's tool shed, still full of parts!

30. Coaster's far turnaround.

31. 2002. In addition to Swinging Gyms cars removed, piles of dirt and new waterline markers are present. Guess it was nothing, as the park went unchanged until 2008 when the wrecking ball arrived...

33. A burned out building next to the lake. This was the maintenance building.

34. Twisted metal is all that remains from the miniature railroad. Rail can be found scattered throughout the park.

35. Another view of the Bug.

36. This appears to be a tombstone, dated 1950-1998. It refers to a local who had visited the park a lot.

Chippewa Lake One of the coolest sights in Ohio. I was lucky to take a stroll through the remains of this once glorious railroad park just west of I-71 and I-76, about a half hour south of Cleveland. Chippewa opened as an amusement resort in 1879 and closed exactly 100 years later. The park never saw 101. Several things can still be seen here. But the most prominent of these artifacts are the wooden Coaster, Wild Mouse coaster, kiddie coaster, Bug, ferris wheel (complete with ingrown trees!), Swinging Gyms, dance pavilion, restaurant booths, and beautiful lake setting.

For the best photos and info on Chippewa, please visit these fabulous links below. I have spent countless hours researching this park, and could barely come up with these links. There is little information out there on Chippewa and its past. A book exists (also described in the links), but it is terribly expensive and out of print. If you happen to find the book, read it thoroughly before visiting. It will mean so much more. The most important thing is to BE CAREFUL around the buildings, and respect the property and surrounding residents. I have been in a couple of times, but only after talking with locals and getting proper permission. The community around the park is very quiet and doesn't seem to have been touched in decades. My Celica seemed like a spaceship to them!

A ride on Chippewa Lake's "Coaster" would have closely resembled that of Geauga Lake's "Big Dipper", and Conneaut Lake's "Blue Streak". Is it me, or do the "lake" parks have great rides? :)


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