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Tropical Freshwater Aquariums
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Why Keep Fish
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    Ever go into a doctors office and see a beautiful aquarium? Did you ever go home and wish you had that aquarium in your house? Have you ever gone to a public aquarium and marvel at all the fish? Did you ever go to a pet store and see lots of cool looking fish and wish you could have some of them? Have you ever thought about having an aquarium but thought it would be too much trouble. Sorry to say but it isn't all that hard. If you want to know how to make fish keeping easy, then you have come to the right place.

    Many people think that fish keeping is a very hard thing to do. But in reality, it's not all that hard, unless you make it hard. Fish keeping is mainly cleaning the water once a month, feeding the fish, and watching them swim around. Now of coarse you may be thinking changing the water is hard. You may be right, you may be wrong. Your right if you have a big aquarium where you may have to change a lot of water. Your wrong if you have to change a small aquarium. To see what you have to do when keeping fish, go to things to do.

    But other than that fish keeping is easy. Now on the other hand, Fish keeping is expensive. Now unless you want to have a dirty aquarium with very discolored water, you will have to usually spend a couple more dollars. To see what things you can or should buy for an aquarium, go to item.

    Fish keeping really is easy. Click on the links to the left to find out more about fish keeping and how to keep a fish tank clean. But you have to read books about fish and aquariums. This site doesn't have and the info on fish. Also, there may be updates that may not be put on this site for some reason.

    I am sorry to say but my web site is under construction. The pages that I do have finished will be up and when I finish pages, those to will be put up.

    Also, people at Fantasy Fights. Right now I can not VE because I won't be online enough to vote for you daily. I will take this notice off once I can VE again with people.

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