throttle extender

Another one for a home brew page throttle extender When operating a small tender by yourself is often difficult to get it to motor flat and level. You end up sitting amidships with your arm awkwardly extended behind you, or a full 5 gallon container in the bow trying to weight it down . You can buy a outboard motor throttled extender or you can build one. A little sweat or some cash ? I chose the sweaty path and there wasn't much sweat involved .The first version was only a 1 inch ABS pipe slit 6 inches 3 times across and a couple of heavy duty office type rubber bands. The slits allowed the pipe to slip over the grip and elastics provided tension to allow you to operate the throttle. Cut the pipe to length that allows you to sit comfortably . I made a second one and refined the original design with a pipe reducer to inch for a more comfortable grip ,a hose clamp replaced the elastic bands and some flotation . You don't have to ask why I needed to make a second or why I added flotation. Ernie aboard (STONECUTTER II).

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