Dad said get a education that would pay the bills Electronics (communications) was the flavor of the day then .Art? That was my choice and sculpture my passion. I found a kinship with stone, steel or any material that seem to defy to molded but would be coached into any form with the right persuasion. In my teen years my first encounter with carving was after I chopped my foot with an axe (don't worry its still there and I don't limp can dance too) Modern surgery repaired my damage but that summer I walked with a plaster leg and a cane. To pass the time I started to carve that tree I had missed with the axe. I carved pendants earrings bookends what ever I saw in the wood I helped escape. At school was introduced to stone and fell in love. Here was a material that demanded a firm touch with finesse. Many times I would strike and off would fly a nose an ear (never again a foot). I would travel to the quarries to search out pieces of stone with figures trapped within. On of those trips I was hauling about 3 tons of stone a trucker on the CB radio called and said " What are you hauling your looking mighty low ?" "Stone". Was my retort "Gravel for the driveway?" he replied "No big chunks I'm a sculptor" Was my answered " OH you're a stonecutter are you?" he said and for the next few miles and hours on the road we talked He called me "Stonecutter" The handle stuck like a well tailored suit and I was comfortable with it. Whenever I used the CB radio to talk with fellow drivers I introduced myself as "Stonecutter". It became the Name of my Company . Years later after I finished building my first boat and all offers of names seemed to come from the same book of Greek mythology. I took it for my boat after all I built it and it was as much of me as any child could have been.