Eye Splice on Double braid line

You will need an NEW length of line to eye splice . Old line has a memory that will make the forming the splice Very difficult.

You will also need : tape to prevent the line from unravelling, a marker to marks the line as you separate core and jacket, seizing twine to finish the eye and a fid sized for the line you wish to splice.

1 Measure 1 fid length and mark an O mark and add the size of the loop or eye (length) you wish to form and mark an 1.
2 Measure 2 meters or 6 feet length and tie a slip knot in the line .
3 extract the core from the cover at the O. this is done by sharply bending the rope and worrying it
till the jacket reviles the core the pull enough of the core mark it once around
4 Pull enough of the core out to mark twice around add 1 short fid and mark 3 times around. Then
measure 1 short fid length plus 1 full fid length and mark 4 times around the core.
5 Insert the cover into the fid and slide it into the core entering at mark 3 too come out at mark
4. Pull the jacket though till the 1 arrives at mark 3.
6 Remove cover from fid and insert core into fid, insert the fid into the cover at the mark 1
(we will call this the crossover point)
and push it till it comes out at the back side plus one half rope diameter of the O. 7 Pull the core tight and then the cover tight making sure the cross over does not twist..
and the line is tight in both directions.
8 Unravel the cover where it comes out at mark 4 ( proxy 1 small fid length) and taper it by cutting length off at staggered distances .
Hold crossover firmly and slide core till tapered cover disappears into core.
9 Starting at the knot slide cover towards the loop continue sliding cover till crossover disappears into cover.
if crossover bunches and makes it difficult to burry it pull firmly on tailing of core till bunching disappears.
10 When crossover is buried smooth the eye in the direction of the tail.
Cut tail off close to the cover and roll the eye under your foot to burry tail.
11 Finish the eye splice of with some neat whipping.
If your splice has a hollow spot near the throat of the eye donít worry it wonít affect the strength of the eye
since jack and core share the load and they double back on each other here.
Just remember to not cut the tail so close the next time.
If you must do a eye splice in old line have a first aid kit handy .