lake Ontario Ancharages
N 43 37.687
W 79 19.92

The most enjoyable anchorage in the western end of Lake Ontario is Tommy Thompson Park within the Leslie St., Spit. The Spit forms the eastern side of The Toronto Harbor and an erosion barrier for the Toronto Islands. Tommy Thompson Park has been declared an environmentally sensitive area and provides sanctuary to wild life and plant life. All manner of plants and animals can be found here and view in there natural surroundings. Picking the plants and even bring new plants to the park is not tolerated. The animals here are wild and live according to nature's rules feeding them or interfering with their routine can provide unexpected and unwanted results. The Aquatic Park Sailing Club calls the park home and has a membership of 100 boat, all on moorings. You can anchor or guest moorings can be identified by the absences of mooring lines. It is necessary to present yourself to the clubs Duty Officer to make sure a sound mooring has been selected since maintenance of the moorings is an ongoing process. Once on a mooring swimming fishing or just having a quiet day can be enjoyed. If you wish to come ashore lock your dingy at the club dingy dock and explore the park. On weekends if a trip into town is needed a free shuttle bus travels the 2.5 miles along the spit picking up anyone wanting a ride. From the parking lot at the end of the spit it's a short walk to a Loblaws for groceries or to catch transit into the city


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