the Cruising Tender

Everyone is running for the " The inflatableĒ motor well and you can row it??? But I wouldn't like to bet my life on rowing one in any kind of wind,.

They are the most stable things on the water short of towing a dock along, and they are easy to get in and out of the water from. Itís great for those unexpected swims or diving at a near reef. Just watch out for those pointy things. Carry a load! I've seen so much stuff squeezed in one that the people had to ride sitting on the pontoons with there feet in the water. They are certainly a great tender so long as they hold their air.

I went south I tried to get a cruising tender that did all things in one boat. What I got was a tender that did nothing well and all things poorly. I decided to narrow my requirements till I got a vessel that did the things I needed well and the other things Ö. Well if it did the extras itís a bonus.

The cruising dingy is the Family car and choosing a car; a two seater sporty model is fine for the single guy. But this family car must sometime haul two kids the dog or cat, him & her plus the laundry and groceries should be stable, carrying a load, work well in rough water, resistant to those nasty pilings with nails& sharp things growing on it. Oh did I forget light enough to haul on board or launch by one. That last one is only now becoming reachable with the use of new materials and constructions processes. I my opinion The best general all around cruising tender is by Walkerbay the 8 or 10 with the pontoon extras rows well because the pontoons are not in the water for flotation until you load it down or sit on the sides. Its light stable can't sink plastic mold injected hull construction. Motors well and with a little help a short swim ladder can be boarded from in the water. The oarlocks are a sound rows just fine. Its so stable you could dance in it. It can carry a substantial load not as much as a same size inflatable. But more than the common walnut style hull dingy. I can run it up a rocky beach or pick the prickly piling to tie it to. , A thick rubber bumper around the pontoons help resistant to those nasty pilings with nails& sharp things growing on it. To add the sailing package you are about the same as a inflatable of similar size .