From The Bay

The view of my boat and other boats in the bay :There was no closure at the end of last school year .Summer programs night school all have taken a toll .This new school year just seems to be a continuation of unresolved problems and internal politics that in past people forgot or put on the shelf . I want a vacation get away I think I'll plan a trip to Cuba . I took a leave from (this)life and I'm ready to do it again . I look at the charts ,shells, pic of the island where I ran out of clothes and I want to go back . Simplicity is the best way to live a life . You get up with the sun and don't need that first cup of coffee . You have it anyway its a treat .Maybe toast or some cereal .Then a swim to shore and a stroll along the beach to see what the surf washed in .The view of my boat and other boats in the bay sitting on the water , the sound of engines starting and chain clanking as people up anchor and move on. You can hear the ocean surf on the far side of the island its a dull roar . I wander into the bush pushing leaves and small trees aside climb a steep hill to get a better look of the bay . The sun starts to climb into the sky just a few clouds up there nothing to suggest the rain that will be here this afternoon . Its a welcomed rain , you get a chance to wash the salt off yourself and the boat . The view from this mound should take my breath away (it did the first time ) but I've seen it everyday for the last month its not old ,its home . I come up here to recharge my batteries .. There a knock on the door and I yanked back to my desk I don't answer it not yet I have to wipe my eyes dry ,. I long to walk on sandy tropical beaches see flying fish skip and skim across the waves and hear the sound of the waves on the shore. One afternoon, while listening to Christmas carols I looked down at my shoes and saw the same salt stains I got from the slush filled streets in Toronto. these stains were some how different they came from walking along the warm salt water beach.I realized I had been born in the wrong latitude. I had enjoyed getting those stains. I saw a different world, fish swimming in the street gutters after a rain , insects big enough to be made into pets, flowers in bloom all year . The winter winds still smell the same but their cold sting was missing. I know now how the angels felt when they left paradise . In the summer I keep my boat in the wild life reserve in down town Toronto ,Tommy Tompson Park in the winter its at Bluffers Park Marina . I named my boats Stonecutter (that a story in its self) . As for the adventure dreamed about the hardest part is just doing it. Sounds funny but I believe that anyone can have their adventure . Its just getting up and selling everything packing a house into a bag that you through over your shoulder and leaving your friends behind . Maybe not so extreme in all dreams but it depends on how grand the fantasy is (I guess). It all seams so easy after you've done it ,and so hard to do it again . Its just focus . One goal one dream . I keep asking my self where do I want to be ? How do I get there ? What's stopping me ? As each question is answered I word on its solution until I'm back in the Islands . My first problem was a bigger boat ***solved*** My next is getting out of debt . Some times the solutions to the biggest problems are small step solutions . I can't do it justice to just talk about it ,its not a never ending vacation . Its more of an adventure of life. New is the every day, new ports, new people, new cultures, new foods ,new attitudes and new is not always good ,new bugs, new sicknesses, new places to get sun burnt . Living in tight quarters is also new for most ,there are soon few secrets left about each other's habits and quirks . You learn to depend on each other far more on a boat at sea your life is each others hands . .I've been in or near 3 Hurricanes , that not a lot of fun its not always easy to get out of their way they don't signal their turns. When your on the water you soon feel like an insignificant speck on the #*^%@* of the eternity and your belief in God and Gods are challenged (is there any one out there) . Sailors are amongst the most superstitious and religious people , but they are not always traditional in their beliefs . Me I try to avoid Friday the 13th , black cats ,cracks in the sidewalk and using the wrong fork at dinner.