Stuffed Squid (Calamari)

Stuffed Squid (Calamari) Cleaning the squid.
The simplest method I have tried is with one hand grab the head about the eyes with the other hand grab the mantel tip or end and pull. The guts will come in a neat pile . Throw away the eyes, mouth and guts saves the legs. Put your finger inside the tube and feel for the slender bone remove the Quill like bone. To skin the squid cut a slit along the base of one wing slip your finger or a spoon inside the slit between the skin and the tube run it around the tube from the base to the top and when the skin is loose the tube inside will slip out with a easy pull. Finally rinse the tube in clean water to get the remaining guts out.

Now on to the stuffing. Ingredients

Olive oil
White wine
8 Squid tubes & legs (cleaned its about 1 pound)
1 fine chopped onion
1/4 cup Pine nuts (optinal)
2 large Garlic cloves; chopped
1 cup bread crumbs / ricotta cheeses,
Chopped tentacles
1 tomato
2 tablespoon butter

The stuffing
Sauté 1 chopted garlic clove in olive oil when the garlic is a light brown add the Cappers & bread crumbs/cheese and mix thoroughly. Remove from the heat and add parsley, half of the onion, and half the olives. Mix till all is blended and let stand till cool.

I like to precook the tubes to tenderize them.
Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil add the squid and cook for 1 min .Remove from the water and cool in water. They should be round and just starting to stiffen to shape. Chop the legs and add to the stuffing. Stuff calamari half full with the mixture. Do not overfill. The stuffing will swell as it cooks, and will fill the calamari completely . Close open end with a toothpick. Brush the stuffed calamari with 1 tablespoon of the oil and grill till brown turning once.

If there is any of the stuffing left (about a tablespoon ) add the remaining garlic clove onion, add the tomatoes, a pinch of salt, pepper, butter and a cup of wine . Cook for 10 minutes or till mixture thickens to a sauce. Place the stuffed, lightly brown Calamari on a plate, spoon the sauce on top and serve

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