Pancake snacks at tea or with any drink.

Start with a noodle dough ball about the size of a baseball. Roll it to a pancake about 8 inches in diameter. Paint it with an oil, margarine, or butter and for an extra treat add just a little of sesame seed oil. Fine chop some green onion and scallions and sprinkle all over the pancake lightly salt to taste. Start to roll it into a sausage and as you roll it squeeze it and pull it to make it about twice as long. Form the sausage into a spiral while patting it down so it doesn't get thicker in the center. Tuck the end under to keep the spiral from unrolling. Now roll the spiral into a pancake about the same size as the original pancake (8 inches). Paint the top with a little milk and sprinkle it with your favorite seeds sesame or caraway. Fry it on a low heat burner till each side is a golden brown. . To serve it cut it into 8 small wedges it taste great hot or cold.