Okra (gumbo)

Originally from Africa and related to cotton, Okra is a tropical vegetable. The editable part is a large, erect pod that is harvested in its early stage while its tender . A mature plant grows 3 to 6 feet tall and it has alternate broad leaves. The flower has five yellow petals and a purple area at the base.. Varieties are available with pods of differing lengths and colors (white, red, green, and purple).
The simples way to cook it is to fry it. Pour some corn meal into a paper or zip lock bag season with some salt and pepper to taste. Cut the pod across in to segments and put it in the bag . Shake the mixture to insure the Okra is completely covered remove from the bag and store the surplus corn meal for the next time. Heat up a frying pan and add a couple tablespoons of cooking oil. Add the Okra and simmer. lightly string till brown. Serve. If its too crispy I have one last step I add a couple table spoons of white wine and cover till the wine has turned to steam. This method of cooking Okra will produce a taste vegetable without the typical Okra slimy texture.