My Lobster Neptune

After much to-do here is my recipe for my Lobster Neptune.
This might sound familiar like Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine Ok I confess while anchored of that deserted Tropical Island I didn't have the ham or spinach. Sometimes you have to suffer and make do with what you have handy.

First the Hollandaise sauce
6 eggs yokes
dash of White pepper & salt
The juice of 1 lemon
3/4 cup unsalted butter
Separate the yokes from 6 eggs and place in a double boiler beat slightly then add cup of the butter. Don't let the water boil. Stir constantly when butter melts add another 1/4 of the butter and cook until it thickens keep stirring. Remove from heat add the last of butter beat with a spoon till smooth. Add salt & pepper and drizzle in the lemon juice about 3 tablespoons full. If separation occurs add some boiling water drop by drop till its smooth again.
Now for the rest of breakfast
8-10 oz cooked cold lobster tail (2 tails), best if its left over from last nights dinner .
If you can pry it out of their greedy butter coated fingers.
4 English muffins or the crust of a day old loaf.
Everyone knows how to poach an egg??
If not get one of those egg steamers things they work every time . But for those purest inch of water in a pan bring it to simmer and add a tablespoon of vinegar to it just before you gently ease the egg into it. Cook until it is the desired egg (runny yoke or hard). Cut the muffin or the crust off the loaf and toast butter lightly and place on a plate. Slice the lobster into thin slices and cover the muffin or bread. Remove egg from water and drain get as much of the water off as possible most people don't like soggy bread. Slide the egg onto the sliced lobster on the toast add a enough sauce to cover the egg. Place in a broiler for a few seconds till the top of the sauce browns. You should get enough for 4 people 2 each or if you stretch the sauce another person can join in for breakfast.

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