You might call dasheen one of my successful failures. The leaf is arrow shaped with the stem joined near the centre. Wash the leaves and the stock several times to insure you get all of the brown residue . The leaf can be eaten and is used as a substitute for callaloo. The stock mused be peeled and boiled . Cook and serve it the same as if it was asparagus with a butter sauce.The root "Tuber" use it like a potato. Peal it first the white flesh will turn a gray color when cooked. You can add it to stews, boil it and serve it with a gravy or slice it thin deep fry it to make chips. OK now for the failure part I tried to make mash potatoes with it. The stuff just wouldn't whip up. It was a "glop" it never got thicker than a heavy wallpaper paste. It looked disgusting in the bowl and my friends tried to eat it only as a polite gesture. No matter how I tried to whip it into shape, it had no redeeming features. It is a great substitute for potatoes and easier to get in those tropical islands. You might try to combine meat and dasheen in layers in casserole dish or if you use a deep enough dish, stand the slices on end with other vegetables and slices of meat.!

Dasheen Chips or Plantain Chips Even Potato Chips

I use a potato peeler to get the thinnest slices but a sharp knife and a steady hand will work just as well. Place them into a colander and pour hot water to blanch them. Drain and pat dry with a towel . sprinkle with onion salt or Garlic salt to taste and cook in hot oil till golden brown let drain and cool on a paper towel.

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