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Chicken Liver Pate'

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Chicken Liver Pate'

1 lb chicken livers
8 oz butter
Cajun spice
3 cloves crushed garlic
1 mediun onion fine chopped
salt and pepper
1 oz conyac or brandy

Take one teaspoon of butter just enough to wet a pan and spread it over the bottom of a frying pan.
I use a heavy stainless steel frying pan.
Add the finely chopped onion and sauté till just starting to brown.
Add the garlic spices and the chicken livers and cook till the livers are completely cooked
take care to not over cook or they will dry out and get tough.
Remove the pan from the heat and remove the contents of the pan to a chopping board.
You may have to do this in batches unless you have a rather large chopping board.
Coarse chop the liver onion and garlic and
using the side of a knife or cleaver mash the liver till it's a paste.
Scrape the paste into a mixing bowl.
Replace the pan to the heat and use the brandy to deglaze the pan.
If 1 oz isn't enough to deglaze the pan add a second oz. Pour the liquid into the mixing bowl,
add the remaining butter and blend till all have combined into a smooth paste.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Oil a jelly mold and press the pate into the mold.
Place in the Fridge and allow the pate to set for a few hours till cool.
To remove the pates from the mold place the mold into hot water to soften
the outer edge of the pate and invert onto a plate.
If it doesn't drop out, a knife slipped around the edge should help.
Garnish with some green edible vegetable like lettuce or parsley.
Serve with crackers or toast. .

Here in Grenada there seems to be a butter shortage so I modified the recipe thus;
I used 3 strips of bacon to grease the frying pan .Cook he bacon and save it later for a BLT,
Now add the onion and continue as above, I had only 4 oz of butter instead of the 8 oz it seemed to work just fine

To make it a truly island Pate I used Rum to deglaze the pan ( I use a standard bar rum, I haven tried all the rums yet)