Once you have left civilization behind the first thing you will miss is a slice of bread unless you can already bake bread. So I took to creating something that would replace bread and allow me to stay in paradise a little longer. My first success was "Johnny Cakes, Journey Cake, Corn Pone" The original recipe uses just corn meal but I found that to be a little too heavy. I prefer to mix the corn meal Ok lets get into the recipe

1cup flour
1/3 cup corn meal
1 egg
3 Tbsp spoon corn oil
1 Tbsp spoon baking power
pinch salt
1 to 2 cups milk or water will do in a pinch
Mix all the dry ingredients together first add the egg and then pour in the milk and blend till the mixture is thick .It should be thick enough to stay on the spoon but not pore out of the boll. Add the oil and stir in till combined. Heat up a heave bottom frying pan tradition says to grease it with a slice of bacon but a dribble of oil will do. Scrape the mixture out of the boll into the center of the pan and spread it around with a spoon till its about inch thick . If cooked slowly you won't burn it when it rises and steam vents from the cake use an egg flipper and separate it from the pan by gently slipping the flipper between the cake and the pan. Once it is free flip it over and cook the other side.. There are mixes for this but I prefer to carry all the ingredients because corn meal has other uses, like a hot breakfast serial. . If you have trouble cooking the entire mixture you can drop a large spoon full into the pan and do them as biscuits size. They will keep in a plastic bag for a day or three but since they are so easy to make only make enough for two days and they will taste fresher. !