Maggie's Day Out


by: Anna



My name is Maggie.  I'm a housewife with three kids.


I've decided to go for an interview to be in a spanking movie.  Once I'm

there, I'm not sure I should stay.


The room is full with women wanting to be picked to be the one to

star in the film.


We're greeted by Mark, the producer and lead man of the movie,

along with his beautiful assistant, Melody.


Mark plays a video for us, showing Melody across his knees, as he delivers

a spanking. Around the room, there's a chorus of 'ooh's and 'ahh's' as we watch.


"Any questions?"  Mark asks.

No one speaks, so Mark, takes the first of the new ladies into his interview room.


I am standing there with the other ladies.  I feel odd

standing there with only my red blouse on. Melody told us

to remove our bottom clothing to prepare for our spanking interview.



I'm thanking myself now for my choice of clothing this morning, as I look

at my skirt that's laying across one of the folding chairs in

the room.  The skirt is a black thing I've had for years, and

my red blouse is a luscious soft silk.  The way I feel now,

the best thing about the blouse is that it's nice and long and

covers my bottom, which is only clad with panties.  I'm

wondering how I thought this would be fun.  I'm very nervous

now as I wait for my turn to be interviewed by Mark.


Part of me wants to get my skirt back on and run, but the

other part of me tells me to stay, this is what I wanted. To

be spanked, and spanked till I cry for mercy.


I wish I knew how hard Mark would spank us.  Would he spank us

as he spanked Melody  in the pre interview meeting?  Or was that mostly for see if we thought we had what it took to be spanked

by the famous Mark...He certainly spanked her hard...very hard.

Not that I couldn't take a hard bottom smacking like that.  I

know I can.  I look over at the other gals waiting like I am.  They don't

look one bit nervous.  I look down at my hands and notice I've

been twisting and turning them.  A sure sign of the jitters.

Perhaps I shouldn't be here after all. 


My curiosity soon gets the best of me.  We can hear the sounds

of Mark applying his hand to her bottom through the closed

door. I need to know what's going on in there.  I just have to see

how he spanks someone other than his lovely Melody.


I make my way hopefully unnoticed, to the closed door of the

interview room.  I am able to hear soft crying.  Then without

warning the sounds of a hand smacking a bare bottom echoes in

my ears.  I am mesmerized.  I inch closer and closer to the

door. Before I know it, my hand is on the doorknob, turning it ever

so slightly.


As I peek through the crack of the door, I see what I wanted

to see.  The sight of yet another gal being spanked by Mark.


Her bottom is bright red, fire red.  That answers my question

of how hard he spanks when it's not for show.


I'm standing at the doorway, when I feel a hand on my wrist.

I look up and it's the doorman, the guy who let us in and

showed us where to go.


He says, "So, do you like what you see, Maggie?   That's your

name, right young lady?"


My voice shaking, I nod my head and answer, "Yes, I'm Maggie,

and I'm very sorry for spying."


"Not as sorry as you're going to be, that I can guarantee



He takes me by the hand and opens the door fully, just as the

lady who was getting her spanking is getting herself put back

together.  Mark had finished her spanking.


This guy then quickly explains to Mark what he found, then

leaves and takes the freshly spanked lady with him.


Alone with Mark, I watch as he reaches over and takes his strap

in hand and slowly but deliberately, slaps it on the palm of

his hand.


Shivering, unable to speak, I watch as he motions me over

closer to him.


"Well, Maggie, you know what is about to happen.  You will get

the feel of the strap for being naughty, just like I told you

all.  Then you will go back out into the main room, and wait.

You will sit on a very hot bottom and wait until I've seen the

last of the ladies, then you will get your spanking for the



In a no nonsense tone of voice, Mark says now, "Lift up your

shirt, drop those panties and get yourself across my knee."

He then sits himself down in the chair that's been placed in

the center of this huge room.


I slowly lower my panties, thinking, finally what I've been

waiting for... I lower my body over his waiting knee, then listen to him. "Do

you know how naughty you've been, do you know you deserve this



All I can muster out is, "Yes Sir."


Then before I know it his hand is descending down on my

bottom. He gives me about 10 light spanks on each cheek, then reaches

for his strap and the real spanking begins!


I immediately begin crying and crying...but he doesn't stop.


I begin counting in my head, and when it reaches about ten

more strokes of the strap, he stops and I feel his hand give

my hot bottom a rub.  


"All done, you naughty lady."  He stands me up.  I reach down

and pull my panties back up.  Mark then gives me a little pat

on my bottom and walks with me to the door, says, "It was a

pleasure to meet you Maggie."  Smiling he adds, "See you



I have a big smile on my face as I walk back into the waiting

room.  I hear his voice boom out..."NEXT!"