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PSWA Circle Directory

Progressive Slovene Women of America

Page Created: June 11, 2000

Page Updated: June 11, 2000

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PSWA National Board
President's Name Vice President Recording Secretary Sec. / Treas. Names of Auditors Other Offices & Committees  Contact  Information        Meeting   Information       Additional Information
Florence Unetich Joyce Plemel K. Tomsic &
L. Krashina
Vida Zak A. Turk, M. Sterle, M. Vogrig Education & Welfare: Helen Joca, Julie Main, E. Riznar, M. Gombach Slovenian Workmen's Home:
15335 Waterloo Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44110
2nd Monday @ 7:30PM only in
Jan, Mar, Apr, Jul, Sep, Nov
Slovenian Workmen's Home
15335 Waterloo Rd.
Historian: Helen Joca
PSWA Circle Directory
Circle# President's Name Vice PresidentRecording SecretaryFin. Sec. / TreasurerNames of Auditors Other Offices & Committees  Contact  Information      Meeting   Information      Additional  Information 
1 Betty Rotar Dorothy Gorjup Sophie Matuch Vida Zak E. Riznar,
Martha Meglich
Education & Welfare: Ellen Downer, Dorothy Gorjup, Pat Nevar No Address Given None Given Historian: Roberta Haic
2 Agnes Turk Florence Zalokar Karen Tomsic Jennie Zaman, Frances Piletic 25571 Glenbrook Blvd.
Euclid, OH 44117
(216) 481-1379
3rd Wednesday @ Noon
Slovenian National Home
6409 St. Clair Ave.
Sunshine: Chris Ujcich
3 Dorothy Lamm Mary Sterle Diane Varney Karen Tomsic Marilyn Bilicic, Virginia Frank, Marie Gombach Sgt@Arms: Caroline Lokar
Reporter: Marilyn Vogrig
25571 Glenbrook Blvd.
Euclid, OH 44117
(216) 481-1379
3rd Tuesday @ 7:00PM
Slovenian Society Home
20713 Recher Ave.
Sunshine: Dorothy Elersich
7 Lucy Glavac Jean H. Dragar Pauline Krall Frances B. Weyant Esther Larabee, Frances Forsythe, Lillian Ribarich Reporters: Elsie Kozar, Jo Klein, Esther Larabee No Address Given 1st Thursday @ 1:30PM
Slovenian Workmen's Home
15335 Waterloo Rd.
Sunshine: Frances Weyant
Bingo Chair: Pauline Krall

Information Source: Ameriška Domovina, Vol. 102, No. 12, March 30, 2000, p. 10.