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JSKJ Lodge Directory

Jugoslavonška Katoliška Jednota

South Slavic Catholic Union

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Page Updated: May 24, 2015

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Some History
The J.S.K.J. stands for JugoSlovanska Katoliška Jednota, or in English, South Slavic Catholic Union, which was a fraternal organization originally formed in 1898 in Ely, Minnesota with many allied lodges subsequently formed in many states. This union was eventually renamed the American Fraternal Union, and as of 1995 had at least five lodges still active in the Cleveland, Ohio area [ #'s 37, 71, 132, 180 & 186]. It published its own newspaper called Nova Doba, changed in 1948 to New Era as it published more and more in the English language. In 2011, the AFU merged into the Catholic United Financial organization of St. Paul, Minnesota. You may be able to find more information at: Catholic United Financial

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Historical JSKJ Lodge Directory
Lodge#Lodge Location Spiritual Director President's Name Vice President Secretary's Name Treasurer's Name Names of Auditors  Athletic Director  Contact Information   Additional Information and Comments 
37Cleveland, Ohio
71Cleveland, Ohio
132Euclid, Ohio
162Enumclaw, WA
180Cleveland, Ohio
186Cleveland, Ohio