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Le Congregation d'Sainte Esclaremonde

Come Join in Sacramental Worship of our Lord the Mystical Christ

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Rosicrusian Military Order of the Sacred Grail
French Gnostic Catholic Apostolic Church in North America
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The Gnostic Catholic Apostolic Church seeks to unite all faith, which descends from a common universal source. We abstain from imposition, legal or dogmatic, upon the true conscience of people. We acknowledge a continuous, successive progression of the human race, at least in a spiritual sense. All are welcome, and all may come into the service of our Lord without judgement based on the devicive factors of this world, such as nationality. Our members are good citizens. Our democratic union is directed by L'Eveque D'Montsegur of the Holy Synod (or "college of the metropolitan") in Paris. Our communion is open to any and all who wish to participate. Please email me at the address below, and look for this site to grow in the near future.