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The reason I am moving from angelfire cause it SUCKS!!!!!. I mean look they always having errors now. And most of the time you can even edit the site. Im surprised I got to write this out. So now I am moving to hypermart. But I'm moving but not coming back as Pro Wrestling Chairshot. Well doing a site like this is way too hard. Well not hard but you gotta keep it updated everyday. And as you can see I havn't been able to do that. So when I re open I'm gonna open as Chairshot Designs. Yes, I will be opening a design site. Because it is a lot easier and you don't have to update the site everyday. I'm still gonna have Wrestling Survivor and Guess the Wrestler and a few other things. But most of it will go well i don't no well most of it will go most of it people didn't even look at. Well I will still have Wrestling Survivor and Guess The Wrestler. I will have Results and Spoilers and a Newsboard. LOL thats the main thing that you have to update. Well I am gonna have something with a site were you dont have to do nothing you just put the newsboard on the site. So I will have a newsboard I would have did it with this site but with a site like this I feel like I have to have my own newsboard. Well I dont on this new one cause It's a design site LOL. Just give me a month or so and I should have the design site up and I will have Psd's,Plug-ins,Fonts,Arena Pics,and other stuff like that to download. And of course you can order banners. Well thats it sorry about all this but I will be better off with Hypermart cause they dont suck and plus I will get 50 more mega bites of Space.