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Everyone has a theory about where Obernewtyn really is – I’ve had a theory under my tunic belt for ages at the old theories site which you can view here if you really want to bother.

But, my new theory. After seeing the UK, the Highlands of Scotland, the unimpressiveness of Newtown (my former Obernewtyn bid), and learning a lot about Europe while oversees this year, I’ve come up with a new theory as to where the Land really is, with some indisputable correlations to support it.

Remember though that on countless occasions, Isobelle herself has told us that the Land has changed dramatically since the Great White. NB: from my geology lessons: fault lines change and appear all the time, in greater abundance when there is great activity on the surface or within the Earth (and there’s no greater activity that the Great White).

Take a map of Europe. It needs to pan from the top of Africa south, to the whole of the UK north, see map 1: map of Europe, and map O: TKP’s the Land.

The Lowlands end up basing themselves in Italy. The explaining of the new theory will work best if I put forward the correlations.


Map 1.1 Sutrium in relation to Rome Sutrium, or 'Sutri' as it is also known
Map 1.1: Sutrium in relation to Rome. Image 1: Sutrium.

To my surprise, I’ve found that this city actually exists. It’s in Italy, 50km north of Rome in the Lazio region, close to Viterbo. See detailed map and description of Sutrium here (NB: link coming soon!).

Next correlation:

Port Oran

Port Oran in relation to Algeria
Map 1.2: Port Oran in relation to Algeria.

This place actually exists as well – in north eastern Algeria on the Mediterranean – see detailed map and description of Port Oran here (NB: link coming soon!).

Now as to how the two places came to be so close together: one possibility is that the Mediterranean partially closed up – filled by Northern Africa (a small part of the African Plate)moving upwards into (under) the Eurasian plate. This would not only bring Sutrium and Port Oran closer together, but create The Suggredoon – part of the old Mediterranean. But seeing as the plate would have to rotate 150 degrees anti-clockwise to fit properly, we can theorise that a it was more a blast combined with a plate movement that made Algeria move north – a blast that sent a fragment of the country spinning into Italy. See map 2 below.

A fragment of Algeria being pushed up and around into Italy - making Port Oran and Sutrium the right distance apart.
Map 2: A fragment of Algeria being pushed up and around into Italy.

Such a collision would also push the Mainland upwards. France splits from Spain and Portugal, closing the English Channel, the right side of the mainland breaks off near Slovenia, Austria and Germany (taking pieces with it). This collision of the Mainland into the UK would push Britain into Ireland, and who knows where it would stop? If the mass continued moving upwards, smashing into Iceland, we end up placing Norseland as well. Even if it only moves up a little, the Netherlands could have easily been placed as Norse in Isobelle’s Land. People from Holland are gernerally fair and big boned (Vikings).

As to the rest of the Mainland – Maybe it was flooded, maybe it was demolished – maybe it’s still there and we can’t see it on the Obernewtyn map. Russia would certainly be greatly reduced in a Holocaust at least.

During the Great White, the Mid east would have been pummled. The lands would have been ruined and broken into many pieces. The plate is already moving in the right direction (north). The catalyst would have provided the extra surge of energy the small piece of plate needed to move it upwards, and around. See map 3 below.

The Land
Map 3: The Land stops moving

Next correlation:


Woods in Dartmoor
Image 3: Dartmoor Woods.

Not an exact name match, but an obvious one. See detailed map and description of Dartmoor here (NB: link coming soon!)
In Devon, there is a place called Dartmoor, which has a massive national park.
I believe that though they call Darthnor the Highlands (bringing Scotland to mind) it is actually this area, close to Wales. This places Guanette in France, fitting seeing as the name ‘Guanette’ sounds particularly French (I’m yet to find this place, thought give me a couple more days…).

This would also leave the Reichler Clinic and the city under Tor in Germany – explaining once and for all why the Reichler Clinic ‘coded’ their documents in Jerman. The Swiss Alps are already a big enough mountain range to bear the Gelfort Range. ‘Reichler’ is also a German name.

The Highlands are clearly Scotland. The accents, the fact that they’re still called Highlanders.

Placing the locations using the identified areas as distance indicators
The Completed Map!

So there’s the picture of the Land – this is a very rushed explanation and if you want any more confirmation just ask me for it – I’ll be happy to back this one up!

This is just the start of course, I’m yet to explain Sador, Herder Isle, the Eyrie and Norseland. I’ll update as soon as I can (I’m working now).

The world of Obernewtyn is Isobelle Carmody's, and while she has shared it with us in the novels,
only she knows the truth behind the secrets that we can only make educated guesses about, until The Sending is released.
Last update: March 18th, 2002 - For updates, click here