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February 5, 2001: Weird place to put an update, I know, but its about Mideon so I figure I would put it here.

According to WWF's Jim Ross' "Ross Report" on WWF.com, Mideon was given his notice last Friday. Rajahwwf.com reports that "After signing a one-year contract not too long ago, Mideon has apparently been released from the WWF. Under terms of the contract, the WWF has the option to terminate the deal if they so felt but in exchange for a compensation package, which Mideon did receive. It is rumored that the WWF made this move to free up space and money for the recent influx of talent expected." (Source: Wade Keller).

March 3, 2001: I have looked all over the web for some news on Mideon. Where he's at now, what he's doing. If you have any news I'd reeeeeeally appreciate an email from ya! Thanks!!


Dennis Knight

Okay now those of you who are aleady wrestling fans probably are having a good chuckle here. Thats okay. Go ahead. Those of you who don't know why the others may giggle only need to look closely at the picture below of Mick Foley (*sigh*) sitting with Mideon. Mideon...is...nude. He is now better known as "That Naked Guy". His current stint as the official WWF streaker has not always been his gimmick. He started out as your average joe, Dennis Knight (his real name). Dennis was mysteriously transformed into Mideon during a dark ritual performed by the Undertaker and his Ministry of Darkness shortly after Dennis was kidnapped by them (Marlena and John Black would envy such a story!)!! Mideon became the Ministry's devilish seer, carrying around a human eyeball in a glass jar! As the Ministry faded, along with Mideon's forehead tattoo, Mideon faded into the midst of WWF's midcard wrestlers. Recently though, being inspired by the diva's fashions, Mideon has taken to interupting matches wearing only what looks to be a fanny pack that hides his...package. His ass...etts though are out there for all the world to see...who knows whats going on in that cute lil head of his! The other one...pervert! ;-)

This is Dennis as "Tex" in WCW.

Tex again.
Isn't he a cutie?

Here he is as Dennis Knight. He was half of the Southern Justice tag team.

Dennis was then kidnapped by the Ministry and was transformed. (HE'S TIED UP! *mumbles incoherently*)

Dennis after the transformation.

Mideon is born! This Ministry servant is given the powers of an evil seer.(CRAWLING! *mumbles again*)

Nice close-up of Mideon.

Here he is with co-Ministry member, Farooq.

Another pic of Mideon...on his knees. He's such a good lil servant.

And yet another pic of him on his knees. As you might see...I like pictures of him this way...and there are so many of them. Hee Hee.

And so the Ministy came to an end and Mideon was left to find himself. He did...and he wanted to share it with everyone...literally. Naked Guy appeared, to show us...ALL his pretty lil tatoos!

Bonus Pics

Checkin' somethin' out backstage.

Lettin' Taker know about Kurt Angle
giving his bike a milk bath.

Mideon walking to the ring

Gettin' ready for a lil' strip-tease!
(*whistles loudly*)

Mideon can be an acolyte too!!

Dennis chillin until the plane arrives. (courtesy, as you can tell, of WWFDivas.com...taken by Ivory!).

Sharing his Menistroni soup on Thanksgiving! Awwww!

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