Welcome to my Mick Foley picture page! Here I have included some of my favorite pictures of Foley's career. Enjoy!

This is when Mick was a "Jobber" (one who loses) for the WWF back when he first started wrestling professionaly. Way before he came to the WWF as Mankind.

Mick as Cactus Jack in the WCW.

Cactus Jack in WCW during a bizzare cell
match where the contestants were able to
electricute their opponents!!!

Cactus in same match throwing the switch
on Abdulla the Butcher.

Mick's rivalry with Vader is a lengthy
and vicious one. It was during a match
with Vader in Germany for WCW that Mick
lost his right ear!

No he isn't constipated. Thats Mick in an "Indy" (independent wrestling) show.

Cactus Jack spent some time in ECW. while
there he made quite a name for himself and
was key in getting some of ECW's biggest
names today over with the devoted ECW crowd.
During this time the infamous Cactus
"Wanted Dead" T-shirt was born!

This picture was taken during the
King of the Death Matches. Held in Japan,
it involved thumb-tack beds, barbed-wire,
and C4 explosives(!!!) among other things!
Mick won that year defeating one of his
mentor's, the legendary Terry Funk.

Here is Mick and "Uncle" Terry together.
They're relationship is a strong one and even
if Funk's judment isn't always the most sound
to listen to, Mick see's him as a hero anyway.
How could anyone not like Terry?!?

I love that grin!! For some reason, which
I seriously can't comprehend, Mick isn't looked
at as a sex symbol. As you may have noticed,
I think he's a hotty!

Speaking of sex symbols, here's the ladies
man Dude Love. There's that grin again! *sigh*

Now this is a rare occasion! Mick in a
suit! Actually this is when Mick became
Vince McMahon's adopted "son". He cleans
up rather well, don't you think?

Mick dispelling the rumor that he was going to
retire. He stayed on a bit longer due to Stone
Cold being out with extensive neck surgery.

After Mick did retired he appeared on
CNN's Larry King Live to promote "Beyond
the Mat". A documentary which he was
prominantly featured in. Great movie!
I saw it twice in the theater and can't
wait till I can get it on video!

Mick giving an interview before his Wrestlemania XVI
main event. He came back to fullfill a
lifelong dream to be apart of the main event
in which he battled Triple H, The Rock, and
The Big Show for the Heavy Weight belt. He
lost that night, which I personally hated,
but he did get to be apart of the main event
of the biggest wrestling show in sports-enter-
tainment! And...thats all Mick really wanted.

Personal Pics of Mick

Yea I know...its dark. Best I could do with my little disposable camera. Okay thats me with the red flannel shirt on bending over to get Mick's book he just signed for me. This was in Pittsburg at the Comic Convention. Mick had just looked up at me and shrugged up his shoulders and smiled really big and said hi. I instinctively did the same and could only manage to get my mouth to form "hi" and "thank you" *slaps forehead* OI-VAY!

I took this while standing in line. I can't believe he looked right at me! Anyway, he looked at me one time before this and smiled really big. Was one of the best days of my life!! Everything you hear about Mick Foley being an extremely nice person is absolutely true! He is wonderful!

I'll put up more in time. I was the perverbial "mark" so I was goofy as hell and didn't actually get him to pose with me. I thought I'd throw them up here anyway. I'm sure I'll get a picture with him and maybe a hug someday. A girl can dream anyway!

Its very dark but thats Mick at Ohio Valley Wrestling's Rock'n'Rumble in Louisville, Kentucky. We took pictures but they turned out blurry and bazzarrrro! so My friend Bethiah was kind enough to give me this one of Mick. Our seats were awsome but due to traffic and constuction..and vehicle problems we didn't make it there on time for the autograph session! I still almost cry everytime I think about it.

This is about the clearest picture we took. Kane is just LARGE in person and very awsome! While I was swooning over Mick and Al Snow, Bethiah was swooning heavily over the big red machine. LOL

Credits - for some of the pictures above.

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