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Welcome to my Al Snow tribute page!

With this page I will attempt to do an over-view of the Crowned Prince of Hardcore's career.
Al Snow is the most under-rated, under-appreciated wrestler in the history of Sports Entertainment! He has done the J.O.B (lost) since his career began! Little does the world know that this Cult Hero is a very talented technical wrestler! To his fans and the wrestling community, though, he is well respected and loved. He has won many titles, earned a black belt in Karate, a brown belt in Jui Jitsu, He trained Dan Severan for UFC Fighting and even had his own Training School (Body Slammers Pro-Wrestling Gym)!! Busy guy, huh? Well these accomplishments have been over-looked for years. In an interview once he was asked about being wrestling's "best kept secret". Al said he was tired of being wrestling's "best kept secret". Well we fans agree Al! So read on and enjoy! Hopefully those of you unaware of the wonder of Al Snow may learn just a little about wrestling's other "God".

The Real Head Case
Real Name: Allen Sarven
Age: 37
Birthday: July 18, 1963 (for those of you who couldn't do the math...had to count on my fingers so don't feel bad)
Height: 6 foot
Home Town: Lima, Ohio
Finishing Move: The Snow Plow
Title History:

The Road to Insanity!
Al Snow has been in wrestling some 16 years now. A seasoned veteran. He has taken the bumps and bruises of many a good and bad match. He has suffered many injuries...including a back injury that I can't even imagine how he wrestles with! Along the way Al has been the better half of many a partnership. Starting with the Fantastics. Then there was the Wild Bunch. There was even the Fabulous Kangaroos! These partnerships helped him develop into the great technical wrestler he is today!

Will The Real Al Snow Please Stand Up!
Since Al is a seasoned wrestler he has also been through many gimmicks. Now for the wrestling-illiterate, a gimmick is what you call the character and costume that a wrestler comes out with. Our cult hero hasn't had the worst gimmicks in history but he hasn't had the best one's in the past either. Now this isn't neccassarily Al's fault. Gimmicks are thought up by federation management and writers. These gimmicks will prove just how under appreciated our hero is.

Say hello to Shinobi. In the world of Wrestling Jobbers (those who lose alot), masks are frequent. Its a thankless job, but someone has got to get pinned. Al also used the name Steve Moore while jobbing. Then there was Shinobi. So it was with great saddness our hero had to cover his handsome face. I'm sure he got to use and fine tune some of his martial art abilities while being Shinobi, though. But lets hope we don't see this gimmick show up in Al's career again. We don't like seeing that pretty face covered up! Now Do we? Of course we don't!

This is Avatar. Another masked figure. Ah well, you can look into those pretty eyes and see that its Al underneath that multi-colored piece of cloth! Later Avatar would appear again with Al once again donning the mask...along with HEAD wearing a matching one. Who is this HEAD person, you naive ones might ask? Well I'll get to that in a bit. Don't worry. Anyway, Like Shinobi, Avatar seems to be a thankfully forgotten gimmick like that of Dr. Issac Yankum (Poor Kane will never leave that one down).

Al Snow was teamed up with Marty Jannetty. Together they became the New Rockers. Marty had been one part of the Rockers with Shawn Michaels. After Shawn went it alone and became big, Marty was left alone so the office eventually paired him up with a young Leif Cassidy (Al Snow). Leif and Marty were happy-go-lucky guys who just wanted to have fun and rock the world. Sadly they were never taken seriously in the ring. They made for good comic relief, but after some time Al soon got tired of being a joke. At least the masks were gone? Right?


Here's a dapper Leif Cassidy.
If you haven't figured it out by now,
the name came from the '70's heart-throbs Leif Garrett and
David Cassidy. Leif Cassidy was a teen idol wannabe
that was stuck in the '70's. His favorite show was
The Brady Bunch and his favorite musical
group was The Monkees.
Now personally I adore the Monkees!
For those of you who were born after the '70's and
haven't a clue who I'm talking about...ask your parents!

Leif later became a little disallusioned and rather vicious from what I can gather. He still wasn't all that well thought of though...this would lead to the biggest and best gimmick in Sports Entertainment, but I'll get to that in a minute!

As I said, Al got a little down hearted and so he had a little talk with WWF's HEAD honcho, Vince McMahon. Uncle Vinnie was all out of ideas for poor Al so he agreed to ship Al off to ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) on loan. While there Al struggled a little to get a grip on his career. Then along came HEAD!

Hardcore Legend and friend, Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) gave the idea to Al. To carry a manequin head out with him. Soon Al starting "hearing voices" from HEAD and she became his new Manager. HEAD always came out with him and everyone fell in love with HEAD. The idea was that Al had been through so many bad gimmicks and The New Rockers was the last straw. He cracked. He became certifiably nutty (I believe that's the technical term for it.)! Lo and behold...everyone loved it! Al finally got over (became popular)! Uncle Vinnie noticed this so he dragged Al and HEAD back to the WWF.

This should have been happy times for our hero, right? Well guess again! Al was yet again pushed aside. Tired of this he formed his own stable (group)and called them The J.O.B Sqad! Along with the Blue Meanie, Bob Holly and Duane Gill, Al did the J.O.B at the P.P.V's (pay per views)and regular shows. He coined the phrase "Pin Me! Pay Me! This too was short lived as Bob Holly got a push (to be a big star) by the office and Al was left with only HEAD again. HEAD was briefly replaced by Pepper the dog and Pierre the deer head...but HEAD always found her way back to Al.

Somewhere along the way though, Al became a Hardcore Champion 3 times!! Also along with Mankind (Mick Foley) he became a Tag Team Champion! Things were up and down for Al and even a trip to Vegas with Mick didn't seem to help much...that's a whole other story though...

In a quest to find a working gimmick, he decided to again to matters into his own hands and hunt down the most boring personality he could find. Steve Blackman was the winner. Blackman was undoubtedly the biggest bore in the ring. A good wrestler, but not much else. So Al took it upon himself to give Steve a personality, much to the dismay of Blackman. Al and Steve formed HEAD Cheese. Blackman openly detested Al's attempts to get him over with the crowd. To Blackman's surprise and dissappointment, HEAD Cheese was a fan favorite. A brief one though. So Al decided to go it Steve's way and he began dressing like Steve...which wasn't bad since Al looks a helluva lot sexier in Black wrestling tights, no shirt and black boots, than Steve does. Al began getting serious though...well sorta...he tried. He really did. It just wasn't working either.

A June 26, 2000 Smackdown show saw a new Commissioner Mick Foley give Al a chance at the Hardcore Title against champion Crash Holly. Al even brought HEAD along with him! Al did a splendid job beating little Crash with everything from a bowling ball to a vendor's tray of popcorn! BUT while Al was passed out underneath a section of steal steps, the evil Blackman ran in, pinned Crash (since it can even be challenged during another match) and became the new Hardcore champion. Al later congradulated Blackman in true sportsmanship and announced they should part company. Al even wrote a lovely poem to commemmorate their partnership.

When we were first teamed up
we won with great ease
Me with my HEAD
You with your cheese

I tried to be hip
and carefree and fun
Give you some personality
Since you clearly had none

We went to a farm
And I had to say wow
I never saw a guy
Nunchuk a cow

You didn't stop there
No, not you
You met an alien and Ben Franklin
And a woman who turned eighty-two

We then changed and tried it your way
Without any luck
Two Blackmans were boring
Boy, did we suck!

Then we were losing
Not winning a lot
This doesn't have anything to do with you, but
Bea Arthur is really hot

You're still pretty dull
and kind of a bore
but you've got a nice beard
And now you're hardcore

Hopefully this will be a bright new beginning for our Cult hero. Hopefully he will go onto bigger and better things with his Friend Foley as Commish. Stay Tuned and dont forget to BOW TO THE HEAD!!

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Disclaimer: I am not affliated with the World Wrestling Federation or any other wrestling federation. I am not Al Snow nor am I friends with him (sadly enough). I am just a fan and this is just a Fan tribute site to the Crowned Prince of Hardcore, Al Snow.

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