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June 23, 2001 -UPDATE: This past Thursday, June 21 at 10pm eastern time on MTV, Tough Enough debuted with a special introduction show granting viewers a look at the auditions for the reality-based TV show. Tough Enough, a collaboration between WWFE and MTV, kicked off with tapings at WWF NY entertainment complex in New York's Times Square. Individual auditions were held inside a WWF ring where, before a panel of WWF superstars and staff, they showed off their physics and verbal skills. Our Crowned Prince of Hardcore was on-hand to judge the contestants and we'll later see him be a co-trainer for the wanne-be's alongside Tazz and Jaqui. How did Al feel about this experience?

"This business has a bright future
as we saw here demonstrated today right
here at WWF NY! Was it excruciating? NO WAY!
It was absolutely sheer orgasmic joy!"

Well Al may have had a rough day, but we know he was a perfect pick as a trainer (he's been training professional wrestling for 10 years now! He's also currently training Shane McMahon for his big match against Kurt Angle at the King of the Ring 2001 PPV this Sunday June 23, 2001). Although Tazz has already picked his role as the "bad cop" like trainer, Al will be a great influence. The word behind the scenes is that this show will finally "make" Al Snow. Its about damn time!!

Here's Al being judiciary...

Al discussing the candidates with
the MTV camera crew and looking
absolutely sexy, I might add!

Tough Enough will air every Thursday at 10pm ET on MTV, so turn the channel after Smackdown on UPN goes off to watch Al in action!

January 18, 2001 - UPDATE: For those of you who haven't heard by now, Al was in a car accident in his hometown of Lima, Ohio. He sustained a minor injury to his pinky finger. The finger was on the same side he had broken his wrist several weeks ago. The wrist had healed but now poor lil' Al has new bandages for his finger.
Al's pickup truck was totaled and his hand busted the windshield but he turned out okay. The other vehicle, driven by a teen-aged girl was going about 35 mph and hit Al after he had slowed down to around 20 mph. Al said that the girl and her friends could have been hurt pretty badly had he not slowed down.
The two vehicles had met head on and the passangers were said to have passed out. Al, forgetting about his own injuries, quickly jumped out to assist the other accident victims. He later went to visit them in the hospital to make sure they were doing okay. Our hardcore icon shows once again what a good sport he is, even outside the ring! GET WELL SOON AL! WE MISS YOU!
Thanks to Hikerbj for the info!

November 11, 2000 UPDATE: I'm currently working on revamping my pages. You can still read my previous updates (and I hope you will). Just click on the link below!

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