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Christmas 2000
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Jensen Family

parents: Karl & Nancy
kids ~ oldest to youngest: Justen, Jessica, Brandon and Austin
Jensen family ~ summer 2005

Jensen kids ~ Summer 2005

Mom and Dad are so proud of our heart daughter, Jessica

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These photos were taken by Sergio Lopez. Please visit his website by clicking on his icon.

Candles lit in memory of all those who lost their lives on Sep 11, 2001
in the horrible acts of terrorism. As parents who have fought long and
hard to keep our daughter alive for so many years, we understand
how precious even one life is. Our thoughts and prayers are with the
families and loved ones who are mourning. Prayers to all those
affected from those events as well as our nation's leaders, the
world leaders, our military and our friendly countries who are so
caring during our troubled times. May we all bond together,
no matter what religion, race or country we are from.
Our hearts are broken, but our Spirit is not!

God Bless America
[Flag Campaign icon]