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Teasing Teacher

By; Secretagent000777
Fresh out of college with her masters degree, Karen took a teaching assignment in a large city high school. Karen was a gorgeous twenty something young lady, and she knew it. Tall, thin, with long brunette hair, Karen would often get proposals to model but never followed through on them.

She knew she was a totally hot & she thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention. She loved to tease guys, especially the boys in her class, often to the point of being rather cruel. She would wear rather provocative clothes for a teacher, like extremely tight jeans that cut deep into her crotch, short mini skirts, see through blouses with no bra, thin spandex pants that left nothing to the imagination. Karen would laugh when she caught someone looking at her, she would even taunt some of the boys and ask them if they liked what they were looking at. If she noticed that any of the boys were aroused, she would send them to the black board to solve a problem, causing them much embarrassment. It was obvious that Karen loved to torture the boys in her class. Karen was rapidly earning the reputation of being a cruel bitch.

The boys had a plan for a little payback, that would put the itch in the bitch.

It was the last period in school and Karen was giving her class a test. The boys had waited for a day when Karen was wearing one of her tightest pairs of jeans.

A boy assigned to locker room duty knew that Karen worked out just prior to their class during her break. While she worked out, dressed in her tights, the boy who had a master key to the men’s locker room (which was also the master key to the women’s locker room) opened a small container of powder and emptied it into Karen’s thong that was in her locker.

The powder was, of course, itching powder and was spread out as finely as possible in her thong so that Karen would not see it.

The boys could hardly keep straight faces as she entered the class. Karen’s jeans were cutting deeply into her crotch, so the boy’s knew it wouldn’t be long before things got interesting!

After she had walked around for a little while, the mound of Karen's pussy began to itch a little.

"Hum.. I wonder if my work out is creating a rash or some sort of infection.” she thought to herself.

She stopped pacing for a moment and leaning on a windowsill to quickly adjust herself by pulling on her jeans trying to get the itching powder laced thong down out of her crack. This hardly seemed to help and, if possible only made her pussy more itchy. She decided to try to ignore the feeling and hope it would go away if she thought of something else. With this in mind she resumed walking around the classroom. After only a few minutes she realized she could no longer think of anything but her pussy. The itching had become so intense that it felt like she was walking over burning coals. She felt like ripping her jeans off, so agonizing was the feeling.

"It is like being bit by a thousand fleas" was all she could think of.

Karen walked to the front of the classroom with both hands clasped on the top of her head, her fingers twining and untwining like tiny, demented snakes in the strands of her hair. She managed to sit down quietly but it took all her willpower to keep from raising her legs and scratching madly at her itching crotch. At that moment a new wave of itching hit her with such intensity that she had to lean forward over the desk and clutch her forehead with her hand so hard that it hurt. She then had a terrible thought.

"If I have to keep from scratching any longer I'll go stark raving mad!" Almost instantaneously the bell rang for the end of the period and Karen rolled her eyes up into her head and said a little prayer. "Thank you God".

The class looked at her in expectancy and she managed to whimper, "Class dismissed," through clenched teeth. Karen was now biting her lip. One of the group who had planted the powder in her thong spoke up.

"Do we leave our assignments on your desk, Miss?" Karen was almost unable to reply.

"Y-yes, please," she finally croaked out, as she was now shifting back and forth grinding her crotch into the chair. This felt good but unknown to her it only rubbed more of the itching powder into her pussy & up into her sensitive lips. "Anything wrong, Miss?" the boy persisted causing her further anguish.

"If these kids don't leave now, I'll kill them," She thought.

"No, no, really. I just need to be alone," was her reply in a deep, hoarse voice.

"Well we really feel that we need some of that tutoring that you had promised us."

Thinking that this would all pass rather quickly, Karen replied "Ok, but I have to visit the ladies room first."

The boys once again, were one step ahead of her, they had placed a small piece of paper, and a few drops of super glue, into the lock that protects the ladies room so it would not open.

When Karen got to the ladies room she thought thank god, at last I can scratch myself. Her hope faded fast when the door would not open. All of the walking down the hallway had rubbed even more of the itching powder into her tormented pussy.

Karen could not take it any more & began scratching her crotch slowly. "Oh this feels sooo good" She thought to herself. Again unknown to her she was only rubbing more of the powder into her groin. She scratched herself slowly for about a minute.

The boy’s waited anxiously for Karen’s return. They knew that Karen was digging herself into more trouble, because when it comes to itching powder, the more you scratch, the more you itch!

Feeling somewhat relieved Karen proceeded to walk back to the room where the boys were waiting. Just as she sat down to tutor the boys the itching powder she had rubbed into her groin by scratching herself in the hallway kicked in with an intensity about ten times what she had felt before. Karen let out a faint "Oh God" as her legs involuntarily squeezed together as hard as they could. Karen quickly realized that her sensitive pussy lips and clit were also itching intensely, unbeknown to her that was a result of powder laced thong riding up from all of her squirming. She also immediately realized that squirming in the chair just wasn't help this time, the itch inside of her pants was just too intense.

Karen could stand it no longer. She immediately spread her legs wide apart and quickly darted her hand under the desk in an attempt to try and hide what she was doing, and she began furiously scratching herself, like a dog with flees. Once again she was only rubbing more of the itching powder into herself. The more she scratched, the more she itched !! She scratched faster and faster, unable to stop or get up she began moaning "oooooh ...... oh god .........."

The boy's again asked her if she was ok. "Ok ... Ummmm...Oh god I itch so bad, OOooooooh ..." “Oooooh god this is sooo embarrassing, my pussy itches like mad!”

No matter how hard she scratched her tormented pussy, it just itched worse. Karen frantically unbuttoned & unzipped her jeans, leaned back in her chair, and slide her hand down her pants & began scratching madly at her pussy.

But her jeans were so tight that she could not get into all of the places that the powder had gotten into. Now out of control she partly lifted up out of the chair and pulled her jeans down around her ankles, sat back down and went back to the furious scratching of her crotch.

Karen was in a trance like state now, she did not even realize that the boys were video taping her every move. Her head was thrown back over the chair her mouth was open moaning as she feverishly clawed at her itchy crotch. The boys noticed that Karens clit was erect and she had developed a wet spot in her thong. She occasionally slipped a finger under her thong to scratch even deeper in her itchy crotch.

Karen was now completely out of control. She was thrusting her hips up in the air like a bucking bronco, grabbing her tormented pussy rubbing it furiously, which again only rubbed more of the itching powder into her pussy. She was also clawing at her thong using her long nails like a rake to try and satisfy the now horrific itch in her thong.

Unknown to Karen, the boys had successfully pulled off an evil prank by spiking her thong with the vast majority of an entire pack of itching powder. Unbeknown to the boy’s, was the fact that Karen is an exhibitionist, heavily into S&M, whose secret fantasy is to be publicly humiliated by being tortured and embarrassed. Karen had experienced a lot of embarrassing things in her life, but nothing as humiliating as this. She had no idea what had hit her, but the itch was so horribly intense, combined with all of the boy’s staring wide eyed at her near naked squirming body was giving Karen the most intense pleasure of her entire life. She could feel the pressure inside of her itchy crotch building rapidly.

Karen’s sensitive pussy lips were now itching beyond belief. She desperately used one finger to claw at her slit. In doing so she pushed her thong up into her crotch, and a lot more of the itching powder along with it. This only intensified the vicious cycle. Karen was now slouched back in the chair feet up on her desk, spread eagle as wide as her legs could possibly go, scratching furiously at her itchy pussy. She was totally humiliated and in total bliss all at the same time.

Karen could take it no longer, she slide the thong off to one side and jammed her middle finger way up into her tortured pussy, while continuing to rake her mound with her other hand. Her breathing grew rapid and deep. Again she only managed to push even more of the itching powder up into her pussy. The vicious cycle worsened !! Poor Karen now began to pant & whimper. Then she began moaning & finally let out scream as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.

Now that she had an orgasm, reality began to set in. Karen, while still scratching her thong with one hand, she grabbed her pants with the other and made a mad dash for the locker room showers.

She thought if I can just get a shower and then change into my workout tights I think I’ll be able to make it home ok.

While Karen was showering, part two of the plan went into effect. First one of the boys who was in on the prank, and who is related to the principal, went to the principal’s office and told him what had happened in detail. The principal, who had unsuccessfully tried to reform Karen’s “inappropriate attire” by speaking to her on many occasions, was both outraged and intrigued when he heard of the news. “Have her report to my office immediately!”

Simultaneously, another one from the group sneaked back into the locker room and once again opened Karen’s locker. Karen had already packed away her street cloths, and the itchy thong, in such a way that it was obvious that she had no intention of wearing them again that day. So the prankster dumped another pack of itching powder into Karen’s sports bra and the crotch of her leotard.

Karen washed herself until the itching stopped. All of the scrubbing and the force of the water from the nozzle her rather aroused once again. She got dressed in a hurry and planned upon stopping off at her boyfriends house on the way home knowing that the skimpy outfit would tease him until he begged her for sex. She loved teasing him. Walking out of the locker room wearing only her sports bra and the thin leotard, she felt nearly naked! As she stopped to admire herself in the mirror, she thought hum.. without any panties you can even make out the texture of my pubic hair, maybe I’ll stop off at the market and tease some of the stock boys.

As she left the locker room, the boy who went to the principal’s office stopped her and told her that the principal insisted upon seeing her immediately!

It was a nice long walk to the principals office, which would insure that the powder would get rubbed into all of the right places thoroughly.

After sitting down in the principals office, Karen felt a slight itch in her bra cups. She thought this Oh no! This can’t be happening again, not now !!!

The principal told her that he had heard an outrageously wild story and wanted her to explain to him what exactly had happened. He then turned on a video camera and told Karen that her statement was to be recorded for legal purposes. As she started to tell the principal what happened her bra began to itch very intensely. So Karen began to tug on the bra straps and “adjust” herself.

Once again for poor Karen, she only rubbed more of the itching powder into her sensitive breasts. The tight sports bra was doing an excellent job of rubbing the prickly fibers of the itching powder into Karen’s breasts.

As she tried to tell the principal that there must be fleas in the locker room, she kept interrupting herself to adjust her bra.

Finally after much fidgeting and twisting, which had her leotard digging in nicely, she broke down and started to scratch her bra. Once again for poor Karen, this only rubbed more of itching powder into her sensitive breasts, which made her scratch more and more vigorously. By now all of the squirming and fidgeting had caused the itching powder to filter down through Karen’s pubic hair.

Enough of the powder was now rubbed into Karen’s pussy that it was starting to have that nagging itch that just wouldn’t go away effect. Karen’s pussy was already rather irritated from the first battle with the itching powder that the boys had spiked her thong with. Karen was now scratching her breasts with both hands, while shifting and squirming in her seat. She was rather rapidly crossing and uncrossing her legs in an effort to satisfy the wicked nagging itch in her crotch, but no matter what she did, it only seemed to be getting a lot worse. Karen could not believe that this was happening again.

She asked the principal if she could be excused to go to the ladies room. The principal denied her request saying that it would look odd to interrupt a taped statement. Karen’s already irritated pussy was itching just as intensely as it was an hour ago, when she had to remove her clothes to scratch herself! The chair facing the principals desk offered Karen no privacy whatsoever. She could feel her face turning red as she realized what she was about to do, and how embarrassing it would be.

Sure enough, Karen could not take it any longer. She reached down between her legs and in an effort to be as inconspicuous as possible, she started out by tugging on the sides of the Leotard and sliding the crotch part around, as if she were adjusting the fit. Once again, this only rubbed more of the prickly itching powder fibers into her sensitive pussy!

Karen was itching worse than ever! Now she started to sneak a scratch in while pretending to adjust herself. This soon turned into a slow but firm scratching of her mound.

Big mistake, Karen was only fueling the fire in her crotch! The slow scratch was now turning into an all out frantic clawing at both of her breasts, while her other hand was busy rapidly raking her pussy!

“Oh my, I don’t understand what is going on!” “My breasts and pussy itch so bad!” “OOOOOOH"

Karen was moaning and thrashing about like a bucking bronco. She was out of control. Karen’s bright red cheeks revealed just how embarrassed she was. Here she was uncontrollably scratching the most private areas of her body right in front of her boss!

Things progressed from bad to worse for Karen. She was scratching herself silly and the itch only grew worse. Now her clit and lips were on fire with the wickedly intense itch. Karen slid her fingers under the Leotard to scratch at her tormented crotch, finally she pulled the bottom of the skimpy suit over to one side to get in deeper, where the powder was effecting her the most. She also pulled the top of the outfit down below her breasts and continued raking her now bare chest with her long nails.

All of the torture and irritation was sending Karen into a sexual frenzy of arousal. Her itchy clit swelled as she rubbed it ferociously to try and satisfy the horrific itch. Karen’s head was thrown back over the chair, her panting and moaning quickly turned to screams as she had another earth moving orgasm. Karen apologized to the principal as she was still clawing away at herself. She then made a dash for her car in the parking lot. Karen barely made it home with out having an accident. She kept having to scratch her breasts, her pussy and manage to drive which proved a near impossible task for the itchy teacher. Several times people in other vehicles would see Karen and assume that she was masturbating. Truckers were honking their horns while others were pointing and yelling things about her not being decent. Once again Karen was totally humiliated.

Upon arriving home Karen practically tore the Leotard off of her body. She placed the itchy Leotard at the foot of her bed and ran into the shower. A few minutes later Karen’s roommate Sandy arrived home. Sandy was a professional model / actress who was tall thin and absolutely beautiful. She was in a hurry as she was running late for a very important photo shoot. Today was the test shoot for a famous swimsuit magazine and Sandy was one of the lucky few to get an appointment to have a few photos taken. She had been instructed to wear a one piece swim suit or something similar.

Sandy’s ride was already sitting outside of the apartment honking the horn. Sandy remembered how upset Karen had gotten with her the last time she borrowed her clothes without asking, but she was running so late that she simply didn’t have the time to open the new swim suit she bought and cut the tags off of it! She was running so late that after she stripped down naked she saw Karen’s Leotard sitting on the bed. Sandy figured well Karen will just have to get over it. She then grabbed the Leotard and slipped her naked body into the silky spandex and dashed out the door to her awaiting ride. As soon as Sandy sat down in the car she felt her pussy start to itch. She thought that it was the effect of the bikini wax job that she had done the day before in preparation for the photo shoot. The itch was getting worse and Sandy began to fidget and squirm in the car. The driver noticed this and asked Sandy if she was comfortable. Sandy said yes, just hurry up!

The itch was getting pretty bad and sandy thought that her hairs were growing back with a vengeance! This was by far the worst case of day after itching she had ever experienced from a bikini waxing! Perhaps she was having an allergic reaction to the chemicals used!! She was trying so hard not to scratch as this could tear or fray the Leotard which could ruin the photo shoot and upset Sandy to no end.

By the time she arrived at the photo studio Sandy’s pussy was itching something awful. She could barely walk straight as she entered the studio. Sandy checked in with the receptionist and was quickly lead back to the make up artist. While the make up was being applied, sandy kept fidgeting in her seat. The make up artist kept telling her to sit still so she wouldn’t poke her in the eye. Finally the make up artist said are you extremely nervous about the shoot, or do you have ants in your pants? Sandy joking replied, it sure feels like it! Assuming that her answer meant that she was nervous the make up artist offered Sandy a glass of wine to clam her down. Sandy gladly accepted and started drinking the wine quickly. Much to the frustration of the make up artist Sandy was squirming more than ever.

By the time the photographer called for her, Sandy was getting a little buzz from the wine and her pussy was getting unbearable! Her inhibitions were getting lowered from the wine and Sandy started to sneak a scratch whenever she thought nobody was looking. Soon after the photographer started shooting he had Sandy turning, striking poses with a variety of stances, from legs tightly crossed to widely spread. This caused a lot more of the prickly itching powder fibers to poke away at Sandy’s pussy as well as ride up into her most sensitive places.

Sandy kept interrupting the photographer and adjusting the crotch part of the Leotard, by tugging on it and sliding it side to side. Once again she would only end up itching even worse! Finally the photographer asked her what the heck was going on? She said that the Leotard was really irritating her where she had the bikini wax done. The photographer and staff just kind of chuckled with amusement. They had “powdered” the swimsuits and underwear, of countless numbers of snooty, stuck up models, mainly as payback for all of the attitude they so often got from the super stars. The staff wasn’t sure who had gotten her, but it was beginning to look like they were going to get a good show.

Sure enough, about a minute later the powder Sandy stirred up from all of the tugging kicked in and she couldn’t take it any longer. She began cursing as she franticly began scratching away at her pussy! The photographers assistant asked Sandy if she had a bad case of the crabs just to embarrass her. The super model was turning bright red with humiliation. There was nothing she could do, except scratch her tormented pussy. Sandy had one hand raking her mound, while her other hand reached around from behind and was digging into her pussy, trying desperately to get into all of the places that the powder had gotten into.

Sandy couldn’t stand it and she finally pulled the bottom of the Leotard off to one side and began scratching herself silly. The photographer continued to snap away while the entire staff was thoroughly enjoying themselves. Sandy was bright red with embarrassment. She finally managed to pull herself together and have her ride take her home. She twitched and squirmed during the entire ride home. Upon arriving home she examined the crotch of the leotard carefully and discovered the itching powder fibers. To confirm her suspicions she rubbed the tainted area into her hand, and sure enough it immediately began to itch like mad.

She came to the conclusion that Karen, who was jealous of her modeling, had deliberately sabotaged the leotard with itching powder to ruin her chance at making it into the swimsuit issue. Sandy was furious, but thought that the payback was going to be a real bitch!

That weekend Karen had a celebrity boxing match to raise money for charity. Sandy, was also volunteering as the ring score card girl. So she offered to drive Karen to the event and help coach her ring side. Sandy was wearing a tube top and a tiny little pair of “hot Pants” / shorts that were so small, and so tight, that they did not even have pockets. Sandy did not wear any panties as the shorts were so tight that they would cause panty lines, which would not look good.

As they drove for a while, Sandy, who needed an opportunity to strike, said that she had to stop for gas. While stopped at the gas station, Karen decided to use the restroom. Here was Sandy’s chance! She opened the trunk of her car, retrieved the small envelop of itching powder she had purchased the night before and had hidden under the spare tire. Sandy then opened Karen’s gym bag and spiked her thong with a hefty dose of the powder. As she was about to zip up the gym bag she noticed two tampons off to the side. She carefully opened the wrappers, and sprinkled a generous pinch of the powder onto each of the tampons. Sandy then carefully put everything back exactly was it was.

Just as she was about to fold up the, still half full, envelop of itching powder, Karen appeared out of nowhere. Not wanting to get caught, Sandy reacted almost instinctively by quickly slipping the envelop down the front of her shorts. Karen asked Sandy what she was doing in the trunk. Sandy said that she was looking for a protein bar, as she was a little hungry. Karen rushed her back into the car saying that she did not want to be late. As Sandy sat down in the car she heard a slight ripping sound as she felt the small envelop tear from the pull of her tight shorts. She hoped that is was just a very small tear. Karen looked over at Sandy and laughed as she jokingly asked her if she had just split her pants!

The two arrived at the event a few minutes later. As they got out of the car Sandy noticed a sensation that felt like sand sifting down the front of her hot pants and across her crotch. She was immediately horror struck as she realized that the remaining contents of the envelop had just emptied itself onto her pussy! Karen noticed the panicked look on Sandy’s face and asked her if she was ok. Sandy replied that she thought she was ok.

As they walked into the stadium, Karen introduced Sandy to the managers of the event and left them to talk as she rushed off to get changed for her match. She got dressed in a hurry, and being that it was getting close to that time of the month Karen decided to use the tampon as a precaution. Wouldn’t want any embarrassing mishaps occurring in front of such a huge crowd. Karen’s celebrity competitor was a famous Asian movie actress. Lucy entered the locker room just as Karen was holding the tainted tampon. Seeing this Lucy asked Karen if she had another one to spare. Karen gave Lucy the other tainted tampon.

At the start of the match all three girls were fidgeting, and squirming like they had to pee really bad. This only intensified the itch in their pussy’s. By the end of the first round, Karen and Lucy were each taking swipes at their own crotches! One of the announcers said that these girls are hitting themselves below the belt! As the bell rang at the end of the round both Karen and Lucy couldn’t take it any more, they both tried to scratch by the boxing gloves were completely preventing this from happening. The most they could achieve was a rubbing in the front of themselves, which of course, only rubbed more of the itching powder into the girls pussy’s, created further itching.

The gloves were tied on so tight that they could not be removed without help. Karen, with the most itching powder in her thong, was the first to totally lose it. She dashed over to her corner and began grinding her crotch into the corner post. With hips gyrating she was making a total fool of herself as she madly grinded her pussy into the pole. Still not able to satisfy the horrific itch in her thong, Karen quickly straddle one of the ropes and began grinding herself into the rope trying to get some relief from the deep horrible itch. The rope dug into her crotch nicely, and felt pretty good but once again the itching only grew worse.

Lucy was now suffering the same fate and she too simply had to scratch her itchy crotch, but was unable to do so with the boxing gloves one. She too straddled one of the ropes and began grinding her crotch into the rope, creating a nasty wedgie, which only infuriated the already horrific itch in her pussy. By now both women were yelling for their coaches to remove the boxing gloves!

As the round ended Sandy, the score card girl, stepped into the ring. She was fidgeting and walking rather funny. She would use the score card to hide her itchy crotch and occasionally sneaked a fast scratch when she thought that the audience would not notice. Of course, this only served to rubbed more of the itch powder fibers into her sensitive pussy. Upon seeing Karen and Lucy's dilemma, Sandy also broken down and completely lost it! She started to frantically scratch her itching pussy as fast as she could. She quickly dropped to the score card in order to use her other hand to aid in her desperate attempt to alleviate the horrific itch in her pant's. Sandy's stock her hand down her pants and began feverishly clawing away at her itching pussy. She could not believe that she become a victim of her own prank.

By now the coaches had removed Karen and Lucy's boxing gloves. The two girls fell to the floor of the boxing ring and immediately began to scratch their pussy’s at a feverish pace. Lucy began panting and breathing rather heavy. Karen and word he pulled her shorts off to one side, and had a finger deeply planted inside of herself. She too began to moan and she had an intense screaming orgasm.

Sandy, unable to get any relief no matter how hard she scratched, quickly tore her tight skimpy shorts off and tossed them onto the floor. It was at this time that the empty package of itching powder also fell to the floor of the boxing ring for everyone to see. By now the crowd was in an uproar watching all three women, in various stages of undress, scratching and rubbing themselves silly. All three women were completely humiliated as the entire event was being broadcast on live TV. At this point the police stepped into the ring and handcuffed all three women, placing them under arrest for indecent exposure, and performing sexual acts in public.

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