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All new story, all new angst.  This one's all Mulder's POV, badly researched but lovingly written, and gives us another look at romance, M/Sk style!
(Cover art courtesy of the talented Manami from Japan--and I'm honoured and touched to receive such a gift!)

Chapter One:Who are you?
Chapter Two:What happened?
Chapter Three:Whoa! Who's this?
Chapter Four:Where am I?
Chapter Five: We're what?
Chapter Six: Where are we now?
Chapter Seven: How can I resist?
Chapter Eight: Where do we start?
Chapter Nine: How much? 9A | 9B
Chapter Ten: Who would want this?

Chapter Eleven:When does it start working?
Chapter 12:What happened?
Chapter 13: Why can't we make this right?
Chapter 14: Was it good for you, too?
Chapter 15: What do I need to do?
Chapter 16:How do we fix this?
Chapter 17:Who loves you?
Chapter 18:How can I show you?
Chapter 19:Where do we go from here?
Chapter 20: What do I know?
Chapter 21:Why now?
Chapter 22:How could you?
Epilogue:Who knew?


Mom, Don't Go Here (Kai, that goes for you too)
Write me, damn you (but be gentle... I bruise easy)
it's a big gay ball thing...
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