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Welcome to the Home of  the Goddess

"I'm scared..."
-Brian May

My World, Welcome to it:

"It is what it is."
-Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, The Final Problem

Ball Ad:
An Open Letter to my Friends--this is where you'll find a shout out to nearly 'bout everyone I know, with special love for the RSAR, the organization that will forever be in my heart. Cheaper than taking five pages out in an actual program, with lots of room for saying whatever the hell I want!

Of course, if you're just here for the X-Files, don't bother!


Famous Last Words:
A special page devoted to the sick and twisted things that come out of people's mouths.  My mother always said,
if you can't say anything nice, come sit next to me!  Constantly for your amusement...and remember,
just ten quotes earns you your own page!

 Looking for a little love here!! I want it, I need it, I ache for it (does that sound desperate?)  Write me and let me know, good, bad or indifferent, what you think of this site. 

Dot's Poetry Corner:
contains (duh) poetry.  My angst, plus amazing, beautiful and wretched thoughts from friends, strangers and potential ex-lovers, including filk and such.  It doesn't all rhyme, but it is all good. Did I mention that this is my father's favorite part of my site?

Home/Incarnations of the Goddess:
-self-righteous and narcissistic ramblings of a demented mind--
Don't be afraid, be very afraid! Yes, it is all about me...well, me,
Mick, beauty, homosexuals and writing. Oh! And while you're here, feel free to indulge yourself in the utter insanity that is the
Journal of the Mad

"Pewpewpew! I haz lightnin punch!!1!"

Mom, Don't Go Here:
-Big fat warning: This is an NC-17slashfiction page.  If you have issues with M/M sex/romance/angst, then
get thee hence.

Still here? Slashtacular! Fanfiction is an homage to a favorite show/movie/play, and slash fiction is just a creative interpretation of same. If that sounds like your cup of Summer Pudding, come on in, the water's kinda gay!
Oh! and if you've got a story, send it along
no matter how dubious the pairing- I'd love to see it, and who knows, your tale just might find a home in the bosom of the Goddess.

 'Nuff said.

Now who wants coffee? 

and I wrote a story too!

SO AMAZING!If only we could keep the curls....

STE-E-E-EVE!      credit to cowboyhd for this

You are the dancing queen...

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    and mine has two arms, and everything...    Chad made this!      

My first doctor     And always will be...

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