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Maiyanah Milton is a chic, young, beautiful reporter with a caring heart. When she throws her friend a surprise party at the local UAW, she’s the one who gets surprised. The magnetic pull she feels for the handsome stranger obviously down on his luck, is unexpected and has her second guessing herself. From the moment Javon Miller first laid eyes on Yani, she had consumed his every thought. The strong attraction he feels for her is shocking but he soon realizes she’s more than just another pretty face. They become fast friends and Jay struggles to suppress his growing feelings for Yani. Will Jay’s feelings for Yani risk their friendship or will Yani succumb to her own feelings for the sexy truck driver who’d charmed his way into her heart.


He stood in the shadows. An olive green silk shirt draped his sleek muscular frame. He was debonair, sexy, and charismatic. Who was he? Did she know him? She felt his eyes on her. Those hypnotic eyes. They were drawing her to him. She averted her gaze. Her gaze dropped to her drink. She sloshed around her drink and some of it splashed on the table. Damn. She was acting like a nervous teenager. What was wrong with her! She grabbed her drink and prepared to get up from the table. She spotted some napkins at the bar and was going to get some to wipe up the mess she made. She stood and noticed the intriguing stranger walking her way. She knew he was going to walk past her table. She turned her head and pushed back her chair to walk over to the bar. As she turned away from the table, her purse got caught on a split at the top of the chair. She reached down to yank her purse strap out of the split chair. She yanked so hard that she fell back and bumped into….

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